Chapter 1 - I Hate School

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Athena Lemiere

I got out from my car and slung my bag to my shoulder. As usual, all eyes on me because I have a Lemiere as my last name. I opened my sunglasses and slipped it into my V neck shirt. I ran my right hand through my hair and winked to a few guys who were standing in front of the entrance of the school.

I walked towards my locker and opened the lock with my gold card. I opened the locker and put my bag inside. Checking myself on the mirror and took my favorite mint gum out from my pocket.

"I'll take that."

"Isaac!" I hissed and turned my head to him who was already running away. I took another gum out from my bag and ate it. I looked at the books that neatly organize inside my locker and took a few books for my classes. I closed my locker and started to walk to class.

"Athena Lemiere.. you look hot." I turned my head to see Serena smirking at me as she looked at me from head to toe.

"Serena Cesantio, you don't look bad." I teased and she chuckled. She slipped her arm to mine and we walked together to our first class of the day which is the boring Geography. I mean I love studying about the world because they're beautiful but the problem is that Mr. Ronnie who teaches the class is a very boring person. I can yawn every 10 seconds for 2 hours straight and even Serena sleeps a lot in his class. She collects his detention slip because of it.

"Are you going to the gala dinner tonight?" Serena asked as we walked into the classroom.

"No, I'm lazy and besides I'm going to spend my time in my garage." I said as we walked to the back of the class. She looked at me with a flat face and I raised my eyebrows because it was like she's going to say something.

"Your dad will force you." She said as she's pointing me with her index finger.

"My dad has 4 kids, he can take Isaac or Chase or maybe Caleb." I said as I sat on the chair and put my bag down.

"You're no fun." She hissed and I shrugged.

"Hey, Athena and Serena." Jax greeted and I just nodded a little. Jax is one of the hot jocks at school but trust me, I'm not interested. It's not because he's not an elite or something but I just don't feel the spark or the butterflies.

"Athena.. no way!" I turned to Serena waiting for her to continue but instead of giving me information, she kept looking at her phone with her mouth opened. I took her phone and read whatever she read earlier.

Chase Lemiere : The Redents will transfer into your school today.

My brother announced it in our chat group and I took out my phone as I gave back Serena's phone. I opened the news and yes.. it's full of York Company moving to America news.

"Why the sudden they're moving to America? They're weird." Serena said and I nodded agreeing to her because I thought York Company will always be in England until they die.

"Good morning everyone!" Mr. Ronnie knocked on the door and everyone started to go back to their seat. My eyes caught someone that I knew since I was a kid, it's Xander. He entered the classroom with Mr. Ronnie and automaticly he got a lot of stares and winks from the girls in our class.

I turned my head to Serena and she shrugged. I turned my head back to Xander and he's currently scanning the classroom.

"Mr. Redent will join you starting from today. Introduce yourself, Mr. Redent." Mr. Ronnie said as he put his books on the desk and put his glasses on.

"Hello everyone, I'm Xander Redent. Just move here from London, I'm single and available." Xander introduced himself and winked at a few girls who were sitting at the front. I shook my head a little looking at that manwhore flirting his ass off on the first day at school.

"Now.. take a seat please." Mr. Ronnie said and he walked towards us with a little smirk plastered on his lips.

"Hello Serena and Athena, how are you?" He asked as he plopped the chair in front of Serena. I smiled looking at him because it's been a really long time since I've seen him.

"I'm good.. so you're a manwhore now?" I asked as I raised my eyebrows.

"What can I say.. girls love me." He smirked and winked at me.

"What an asshole.. lunch with us?" Serena asked and he turned to me. I nodded signaling that I'm good with it so he nodded.

"Is he boring?" He asked as he's pointing to Mr. Ronnie.

"I heard that, Mr. Redent." I turned to Mr. Ronnie who already glaring at Xander. He sat up straight and pretended that he didn't do anything.

"Weirdly.. I miss you." I said truthfully because we do get along with each other so well. He's a cool guy and fun to be with so I'm not protesting about it.

"We all miss you, you're such an asshole for not visiting us." Serena hissed as she kicked his chair.

"Sorry.. but now I'm here. I'm all yours!" He said in a cocky tone and I just chuckled. Mr. Ronnie gave us a cough for not paying attention so I turned my eyes to the front trying to pay attention but still.. i'm sleepy.

For the whole 2 hours, I kept sketching my book completely not listening to Mr. Ronnie's speech bcause if I do.. I will go to sleep. He has the same tone as my dad when he's reading me a bedtime story. Well I guess my dad did succeed turning me to sleep so does Mr. Ronnie.

I rather spend my time in my garage.. I hate school

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