16 - Jen

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He knew too much. Part of her wanted to tell him everything. She imagined that if she cried, he would comfort her. She really needed to stop thinking that way.

She joined Avery for some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Avery looked at her and said, "You do a lot of working on the phone."

"I called for information and I got more than I realized. Apparently, everyone was speculating why I came home," she said.

"So what's the deal with this guy? Do you like him?" Avery asked.

"There's no deal. We're working together and we talk...as friends...nothing more," she said trying to sound convincing, because she suddenly wasn't very convinced.

"Okay, but I still think it would do you good to give Sterling a taste of what he did to you."

"Will you call Sterling to talk and casually find out where he is?" she asked. Avery asked her why and she explained that she needed to go into the office.

She sat quietly while Avery spoke to Sterling. She heard one side of the conversation. Avery said, "Hey Sterling, I thought I'd call to see how you were doing... You haven't seen her once. Do you two talk?... I know she's been busy working... No, I sent her out to buy wine and chocolate." Avery winked at her and continued, "You know two things that girls can't live without. So what are you up to?... It was cold today. It's just as well you're in for the night. Are you cuddled up with your new lover?... Gee, don't get all serious. I was teasing. I guess I'll let you go so you can get back to whatever it was you were doing... I will. Bye Ster."

"I heard. He's home and they're together. That's all the better. I won't be too long," she said as she was putting on her coat. She stepped out into the cold night and hailed a cab. She could easily walk, but it was late and her excursion would take twice as long.

Once inside, she saw that very little had changed. She had fears that Trevor would have taken over her office, but it appeared untouched. She gathered some files she needed. A few she had to copy and was on her way home in about fifteen minutes.

When she entered the apartment, Avery said, "That was fast."

She debated telling Avery what she was up to. She had made an appointment with a top-notch divorce attorney. She was a client who loved Jen's work. She really felt she needed to get some questions answered. One thing she knew for sure was her marriage was going to end in divorce.

In the end, she decided to keep her appointment private. She would see what Betsy Yates had to say first. When Jen arrived and the door to Betsy's office closed, Jen said, "Thanks for seeing me. If anyone sees me, can you say you're considering more work?"

"No, worries. We're all professional here. I am rather shocked that you're here," Betsy said.

"I want a divorce, but know nothing about the process. I am hoping Dixon Designs doesn't complicate things. As of now, I still intend to continue with business as usual."

"Alright. First question and again confidential, who cheated on who?" she asked.

Jen answered, "He did."

"Are you sure you have no chance of reconciling?"

"No, he seems to be in love," she paused for a moment and added matter of factly, "with him."

"I'm sorry," Betsy said and oddly didn't show any reaction. She must have heard it all.

Jen listened as she explained the process. She said it would take six to nine months. When she was through they both had some questions. Jen explained, how she left almost four weeks ago. She also told her she was anxious to get it over with.

"What's your hurry?" Betsy asked.

"Even before, I knew about his infidelity which by the way has been going on since at least last July, we were in a disagreement. I want a baby and he adamantly refused. So I don't want to waste my time in the divorce proceeding," she explained.

"Have you met someone?" she asked.

"No, but I want to be divorced when and if I do." Jen thought about Alex, she liked him, but realistically they lived in different states. He definitely had the potential of being a little fling, but not the father of her child.

Jen needed to tell Sterling her plans to file for divorce. She asked him to come over on Thursday evening. When she told Avery, she asked if she should stay and Jen said that she could. She also decided to fly up to Maine on Friday morning to see the progress. She felt some time away from Sterling would be wise.

She called her mother but texted Alex and Megan to let them know she was coming home.

Alex called her right away and said, "I'll pick you up."

"You don't need to," she said.

"I want to and then we can go straight to the house. What time?"

"Early eight-fifteen. I appreciate it. I guess I'll be the talk of The Point again," she laughed.

She was more and more anxious throughout the day on Thursday. She hadn't seen Sterling in two weeks. He arrived on time and Avery offered him wine. Jen noticed him looking at her because she was dressed in the sweats that she recently started wearing and loved.

"I feel like you two are up to something," Sterling commented.

"No, just me. I wanted to tell you in person that I met with Betsy Yates this week."

"What? Why?"

"Why... Why? Because I don't want to be married to a man that doesn't love me. My life is not your little charade. I want things in life that you can't give me," Jen said.

"Oh here we go again with the baby talk," he said annoyed.

"I want more than just a baby. I want a relationship based on honesty and mutual love. I thought I had that and now I know I don't," she said and she felt the tears starting. He said nothing and she continued, "The divorce may affect your image, but it doesn't affect Dixon Designs. We started the company as two individuals. The contract allows for one of us to leave, but I currently have no intentions to unless of course, you make my life miserable."

"I see you've got this all planned out. Are you ever coming back to the office?" he asked.

"Maybe after the divorce, but not before. Unfortunately, I am stuck because the firm needs Trevor, your lover, and I can't be there with the two of you. I saw enough of you two when I found you in my bed," she said reminding him of the impact of his actions.

"Jennifer darling, I really thought that we'd work out a truce and things would get back to normal," he said almost whining which annoyed her.

"You can stay and visit with Avery. I'm off to bed. I am flying up early in the morning to see the progress on the Maine house. I'll be back on Sunday. Now that I'm my own person, I plan to make up for the years that you kept me from my family. Goodnight," she stood and walked away holding her head high, but shaking inside.

Once behind closed doors, she finally breathed. She felt as if she'd forgotten how the entire time she was talking to him. It would take some time for her to mourn the end of her marriage. She was going to have to tell her parents but suspected that they would take it well.

Sleep came hard and she was jolted awake by her alarm at 4 am. She jumped in the shower, dressed quickly and headed down to the lobby. She arranged a car service to LaGuardia. The flight wasn't long, it seemed as if they were descending a few minutes after they finished climbing.

It was sunny when she walked out of the terminal in the cool morning air. She saw him across the road in the pickup lot casually leaning against his truck. As she approached, she noticed he was smiling and her stomach felt like it lurched and bumped into her heart.

Jen is back in Maine.  How exciting?  Do you think she'll have a good weekend?  Let me know.

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