12 - Sterling/ Jen

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Sterling -

Out of desperation, he went to Maine. Never in his life did he think he'd ever go there. Jennifer knew it and actually made fun of him. He had hoped to bring her home with him, but she refused. She was being difficult and was refusing to come back to the apartment. Part of Sterling was glad, what he needed was a wife. He didn't need to live with her. Appearances were the most important thing to consider. Their business and their marriage were Dixon Designs. There was no separation between their work and personal life. When they went out they were making a statement about the company.

Jennifer made him agree to tell Avery. He didn't want to tell anyone. As much as he loved his secret life, he preferred it to be secret. He blamed Jennifer for this trouble. He told her not to hire Trevor, but she insisted. Trevor had interned when he was in school. Sterling was uncomfortable around him and sure enough, on his last day, Jennifer was out and they were alone. Trevor made a pass at him. Sterling tried to lie and tell him that he didn't like it, but he did.

It didn't take long after Jennifer hired Trevor for their relationship to start. Sterling tried to resist. When Jennifer went to The Hamptons they started spending a lot of time together. Sterling really thought he could live a double life. If Jennifer would just cooperate, he still could.

The entire day was bizarre, Jennifer was in the place she didn't belong. She looked the same, thank goodness. He was afraid he was going to find her in jeans looking common, but she was as beautiful as ever ─ to him her beauty was like a fine painting. He admired it and the fact that she belonged to him.

He knew she angered him on purpose. She was well aware that they were always very selective about the clients they take on, yet suddenly she is giving away free services. The thought of her talent being used in a tiny house was unacceptable. When Jennifer came home, he would get things back as they should be. As the plane left the ground, he sighed. He was on his way back to civilization.

 He was on his way back to civilization

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On Friday night, Megan invited her over. "It's poker night. I need some female company," she pleaded.

Having no other plans, she agreed. When she walked to Megan's, there were a few cars parked on the street. Megan greeted her at the door. She noticed a few men talking with Peter before she was ushered upstairs to the master suite with a sitting area. "I hope you don't mind being up here?"

"No, it's fine," she replied. Looking around she noticed it was tastefully decorated. Her eyes lingered on the bed and she teased, "So this is where the magic happens."

Megan blushed and said, "It's so much better than when we were younger too!"

Jen laughed, "I was teasing not looking for a tell-all novel."

"Speaking of tell-alls, why are you really here?"

"For the Thompson house," she answered.

"I suspect there's more to it. I'm not one to pry, but I can tell you're unhappy."

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