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It was the first Saturday in March and Alex woke in a bad mood. Looking out to see the grey sky and drizzle didn't help his mood or his pounding head. He definitely had one too many beers last night. Thinking of the night before made his head hurt worse. He was supposed to have dinner with Julia, the girl he had been seeing for the past six months. He stopped work in time to shower and shave, but as he was dressing, she called.

She said, "Sorry, but I need to cancel."

Oh well, it happens, Alex thought. She went on about tickets to Wicked, a surprise, New York.

He listened and then she said, "I'll be back late Sunday night."

Suddenly it registered and he exclaimed, "Sunday! I asked you to come with me on Sunday!"

He had asked her to his nephew Joshua's christening. She hesitantly agreed. Since they were casual, she hadn't met any of his family.

Alex really wanted her with him because his sister was friends with his high school girlfriend and only true love, Cara. She had moved on with her life and was married. Meanwhile, he was still casually dating.

Julia responded, "Oh sorry. You don't need me at your family thingy. Gotta run! We'll talk next week." He was left holding the phone.

He fumbled with the coffee pod and made a cup. He preferred to get coffee at The Landing, but he was heading out to Fortune's Rock and stopping would take him too far out of his way.

She was off to New York City, leaving him to face his ex. It's all Kate's fault ─ first, she got married with both Cara and him in the wedding party and then had a baby. If only she stayed single and miserable like him. The only bright spot for the whole weekend was that his brother Tom was coming home and he was single too. Tom had escaped Maine and was a lawyer in New York City.

He really didn't think his day could get any worse? It did when Sydney Thompson called to say that some big deal designer was coming up from New York to do work on the house he was building. This was the house that he wished he hadn't agreed to build because it was too big and too ostentatious for the pristine piece of beach. The truth was if he didn't build it, someone else would.

By the time he reached The Point, it was way past noon. His head was throbbing and he was starving. He walked into The Landing.  Rick was not there, instead, a strange woman was behind the counter.

Could this day get any worse?

Could this day get any worse?

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Jen - The Point

Questions, rolled around in her head as she drove. Sterling called again, but she ignored him. She tried to wipe the image of what she saw from her mind. It was definitely a shock. She wiped tears from her eyes.

If she was excited when she crossed into New Hampshire, she could hardly contain herself as she drove over the bridge into Maine. Even Sterling's ringtone didn't ruin her joy to be back.

It was almost one when she crossed the causeway onto The Point. The tide was low she could smell it. Her stomach was in a knot of excitement and nerves as she got out of the car and stretched. She had only stopped once to go to the bathroom. Although it had been raining all morning, it was just misting.

The bell was like music to her ears. He looked up and she said, "Hi Daddy!" Before he could greet her, Jen heard a scream followed immediately by a baby crying. Suddenly she was being hugged by her first ever best friend. When Megan let her go, Peter was right there grabbing her and swinging her around like he had in New York.

"Okay let me at this girl," Rick said as he hugged her. She clung to him. She heard him say to go get Alice. A moment later, her mother was there crying and holding her, as she was crying too.

When the greetings were over, she looked at everyone. Her parents looked good, but visibly older. Megan was as beautiful as ever with her baby on her hip. Obviously she had been upset when her mother screamed. Peter was still gorgeous, but different than the last Peter she saw when he had been in NYC, because the sadness was gone from his eyes.

Rick said, "Jenny-girl, I wasn't sure I'd live to see the day you'd even come home"

"I know. I'm actually here for work... The Thompson house."

All at once, everyone said, "Oh."

She asked, "Is it horrible?"

Megan said, "Come on." She turned to Peter, "I'll meet you at home." Outside she said, "You drive. It's too wet and damp to walk."

The house was so big, she saw it before they were even close. "It's huge! It would be beautiful in some suburb, but not here not on our beach!"

"We all feel that way," Megan said and then she asked, "How long are you here?"

"I'm not sure. I haven't worked it all out yet."

"Not today, but plan to spend time with us. Did you even see the twins in all the excitement?"

"Hardly, but I've seen their pictures. You know Peter's been a good friend," Jen said.

"I think you were a good friend to him, while I was not a very good friend at all."

"I'm just glad you're happy," she said as Megan gave her directions. She looked at the house and said, "Wow! These were all summer cottages."

"Come over tomorrow!" Megan said as she jumped out of the car.

Jen hated the way that house looked and decided that she didn't like Sydney's builder for ruining her beach. She didn't want to deal with some fat, old guy who took beautiful beaches and profited from them.

The minute she walked in her father said, "Make yourself something Jenny, but leave room. Your mother's been cooking since you called. I have to run down to the pound for some lobsters. I wouldn't be gone long."

"Okay Daddy," she said as she went behind the counter and started making a lobster roll for herself.

The bell rang and a guy in work clothes and boots came in, but he was rude and definitely not happy to see her.

Jen arrives home the day that we left Megan and Peter.  I had promised you that they wouldn't be gone long. 

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