3 -Jennifer and Sterling Dixon

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This is a multi point of view story.  I may be combining more than one POV into some chapters.  There won't be alternating POVs except for rare exceptions.


Jen couldn't believe what she saw. Did she stay calm? She didn't feel calm. Her head was spinning and her heart was pounding.

She stood in a shadow across the street and waited as they both left the building and separated. Sterling would assume that she had gone to Avery's and didn't know that Avery was thirty-nine thousand feet up. His phone was out and hers was vibrating, but she refused to answer. He hailed a cab and the minute it set off through the snarled evening traffic, she formulated her plan.

She wouldn't have very long. If Sterling had chosen to walk the ten blocks, she'd have longer, but it was a cold and drizzly evening. Quickly she crossed the street and returned to their apartment. She packed enough clothes for a week, but she had so little that would work on The Point. She included some work outfits, but she'd be overdressed when she wasn't meeting her client. She packed her sweats and jeans which she rarely ever wore. She took her cosmetics and toothbrush knowing they would confirm to him that she was gone. She'd needed her work bag with her laptop and files that she took with her everywhere. The last thing she grabbed was her winter coat, after all, it was only March.

Once she was on the elevator heading down to the parking level, she let out her breath. The minute she reached their car and successfully avoided a confrontation, her muscles relaxed.

At that moment, she didn't know what she needed the most to avoid the fact that he was cheating on her with their employee or to go home.

She focused on going home. She wanted to hear the bell on The Landing door and see her father look up from behind the counter and smile. She wanted to hug her mother and walk to the ocean. She wanted to see her best friends and finally meet their children. She wanted a lobster roll. She wanted to breathe deep and answer to Jen and even, if Sterling knew he'd be appalled, Jenny.

It took time to get out of the city and to finally start making her way north on Ninety-five. She often drove the car when she had clients away from the city. She had had jobs in every exclusive town that was within  commuting distance. Last summer she had even spent a month working in The Hamptons. They only had the one car, but Sterling rarely drove and conducted his end of the business from the city, "And apparently the bedroom!" she yelled.

She was so stupid! Why didn't she see it? Did she miss signs or clues between them?

Did Sterling love her? Did he ever love her? She had so many questions. As she drove north, her phone rang and rang with Sterling's ringtone, a jazz instrumental. Eventually, just before midnight, she heard Avery's ringtone, The Gilmore Girls theme song that drove Sterling crazy.

When she answered hands free, Avery said, "What the hell is going on? I had twenty messages from Sterling when I landed!"

"What did he say?" Jen asked curiously.

"Something about you taking off. Where are you?"

"I'm driving. We have a client, who bought a new home in Maine and I'm going home," Jen said.

"Tonight! Why tonight? Besides I thought you said that you weren't taking that job."

"Sterling didn't want me too, but I haven't been home in nine years. I haven't seen my parents and they're not getting any younger. I've never seen Megan's kids, but you know all this already," Jen answered passionately.

"So why tonight?" Avery asked.

"You've been encouraging me to do this for years."

"I know I have watched the Jen I know let Sterling control her for years, but he's frantic. You better call him."

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