Chapter Forty-Nine: Her King and his Queen.

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Chapter Forty-Nine: Her King and his Queen.

Monday Morning:

GEORGE awoke to his phone notifications going off, signalling he had received a text message.

Lydia <3: Today's going to be a good day. I can feel it :)) see you in school x

Smiling down at his phone screen, George texted back a quick reply before getting ready for the day ahead of him.

Lydia smiled as her phone vibrated against her leg. Pulling her phone out of her jeans' pocket she rolled her eyes at the text.

George <3: You're a physic now? What does my future have in store for me ;)

"I forgot to add, see you in school," George said as he leaned against the lockers beside her.

Smiling Lydia, closed her locker. "I always thought you'd end up with a cheerleader. A prince with a princess, isn't that the way the stories go?"

Lydia asked, leaning her head on his shoulder as his hand wrapped around her waist.

They both watched as people passed them in the corridor.

Aaron was talking to Mandy who was batting her eyelashes flirtatiously at him a few lockers down from them. Just like she'd done to George in the past.

"A prince and a princess." George shrugged looking at the football player and cheerleader, "too cliché don't you think?"

Smiling Lydia nodded, "yeah I guess."

"Our story is more along the lines of a prince falling in love with a Queen and he loving him back."

Lydia turned her head so she could see his face. How oblivious is he, she thought.

"But, George your a king to me."


Next is the epilogue. This story has been one hell of a roller coaster so thank you all for riding it! 

KateAnnee :)

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