Chapter Forty-Seven: Love is a precious thing.

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Chapter Forty-Seven: Love is a precious thing.

Saturday Night 7:05 PM

TEARS pricked at Lydia's eyes at his words. He loved her. He supported her. He knew her.

"I love you too George. The I had feelings for you since the first time the football team had a bonding session at my house. You looked sad as Tanner talked about his mother and father's matching Halloween costumes. I asked you what was wrong and you told me.."

"That my parents have and never will dress up in matching costumes for Halloween."

The expression in his face told Lydia that he didn't think she would remember this but she did. She wouldn't have forgotten it for the world.

"And then I told you, my mother and father don't either. You talked to me the whole night about your sister and your family."

"Though the more I talked to you, the more I fell for you. With each word and each stolen glance, I fall for you a little more. I'm in love you, George Scott."

George's heart skipped a beat as Lydia smiled at him. As she said them three words. She loves him. She knows him. She doesn't judge him.


People! This! Just! Happened!


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