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Hello! I haven't been in this site or written, rather, for a almost 2 years. I would have posted this fanfic on Archive of Our Own but I feel like Wattpad was where the passion began so it's only fitting that I post it here.

To all my fellow Reylos, hello! Welcome to the garbage can! Although on the recent events of Episode 8, it was really fucking obvious: Reylo is endgame.

So I decided to make a modern AU fanfic inspired from the movie "You've Got Mail". Incorporating my favourite movie with my favourite ship. I am so excited to just sit down or in my case, pretend to sleep and then type away till morning. I'm sure this fanfic will be the death of me.

I hope you guys will enjoy this fic. Although quick disclaimer: I am a Senior in High-school. Updates will be based on how little schoolwork I have. But if I was able to make a 29 part fanfic on Sir Rob's Storm and Silence series then I'm sure this will be a stroll in the park.

Anyway, read away my fellow Reylos!


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