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Okay before this starts, I need you guys' ideas on something regarding my other book 'instagram' as it would be very greatly appreciated.

So the something is; what do you guys want to see next because I have to admit; I don't have many ideas and I want you guys to enjoy it! Please comment what you think!! <3

Interruption over, enjoy the chapter and happy reading!!

*a month and a half later*

I closed the zip on my suitcase and looked back at my father.

He was standing watching me from the doorway with sadness in his eyes.

A tear fell from my eye as he walked over to embrace me.

'Are you ready?' He whispered as he held me close.
'As I'll ever be.' I whispered back.

This could be the last time I see him for a long time.

He had always been there my whole life, he was my dad after all. But now I was leaving and I don't know how I would cope without him by my side as always with his witty remarks and kindness and his comforting voice to sooth and calm my nerves.

I was going to miss him like crazy.

He was going to drive me to the airport where I would then be flying to my home in Korea.

My dad had found me a rather large apartment in Seoul that had four bedrooms, a large living/dining area and three bathrooms (two en suites).
The apartment was owned by him as when we lived in Korea he had bought it to rent out but since there was nobody living there and we owned it, he gave it to me to live in.

He had told me that it was already furnished and had everything I would need, except food and personal belongings and stuff.

I hauled my large suitcase down the stairs and out the front door, stopping on my way to take one last look around the place. I wasn't leaving it forever but I wanted to remember it and it's every detail so that I could think about it and my father said to remind myself that if anything ever went wrong he, and the house, would still be here waiting for me.

I sighed one last time and walked out the door, threw my suitcase in the backseat along with the rest of my things and jumped into the passenger seat beside my dad.

I took one last look at the house before we pulled out of the driveway, a feeling of loss, I knew only too well, pulling at my heart.


*one hour later*

We were now standing at the departure area in the airport, hugging each other long and hard one last time, tears leaving little stains on our shoulders.

'I'm going to miss you.' I wept into my dads familiar embrace, holding on for as long as I could.

'I'll be right here if you need me. Anytime if you feel like coming home, I'll be right here.' He looked me in the eyes, his cheeks streaked with tears.

I pulled away and picked up my bags.
'Goodbye dad.'
'Goodbye Mara. I love you, take care of yourself and don't forget to skype and text whenever you can; you know how worried I can be sometimes.'
'I love you too dad. I promise to.'

'And don't forget to get a job! Just because I gave you the apartment doesn't mean you don't have to pay for anything yourself!' He teased.

I half laughed, half cried at his joke. I had to leave before I changed my mind.

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