Chapter 10

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As they arrived to the military they were astonished to see a lot of soldiers are doing their marching around. They also saw the aliens having a chatting with humans & faunas. Jaune taking them to the tour to see a lot of his work here during his time.

June:" Wow... You've made your soldiers became more disciplined brother."

Jaune:" A lot of soldiers here are training so hard to be prepared for battle. Now, l'm going to show you all the bootcamps. Come this way."

He said as he leading them to the bootcamp where they see humans, faunas & aliens are training. Ruby and the others was surprised to see it. Then, Johnson said to them.

Johnson:" As you can see folks, these people are recruits. They came here to join the military to protect the innocents and they became more potentials within them."

Qrow:" It seems like you can outmatch Atlas with your soldiers."

Johnson:" That's right! We won't just sit down and watch innocent people suffered. That's why we need soldiers to bring their rights and freedom from those who are discriminate the faunas and hurt them like animals. We see them a same as us. We don't treat them like animals. We treat them like equals."

They are amazed of his words that bring hope to the faunas. Blake & Velvet can't help but cry a bit as they listen what he said.

Jaune:" Alright, enough about that. Let's move on."

They went outside the bootcamp and going to the base to see a cyclops and mantis that look like Atlas Paladin to them except they are being piloted and they have UNSC logos. As they enter it, they see a lot of people doing their vehicles, mechs & aircrafts. Ruby was extremely excited to see it as she ran around to look at their vehicles. Ozpin and his colleagues are interested to see them building their vehicles & aircrafts. Team CFVY look at their weapons that can go through the aura. Then, Jaune leads them to the room where they see them shooting a target practice.

Jaune:" Here, this is where we use training by using a target practice to see their skills improved."

He look at his men and said in shouting.


They respond to see an a colony leader as they all salute him for his arriving.

All soldiers:" Sir morning sir!"

Jaune:" At ease, soldiers."

They put down their hands and he said.

Jaune:" I have come here to show my friends to see their weapon skills for demonstrations."

They look at behind him to see those people that he was talking about.

Marine:" So they are your friends sir?"

Jaune:" That's correct. * turn his face at them* Guys, I would like to demonstrate to them of your skills."

Yang:" Hold on. We just surrender our weapons to them."

Vector:" Don't worry, humans. I'll get for you."

He said as he bring all of their weapons by spawned it.

Ruby:" Wow! So cool! How did you do that!"

Qrow:" Calm down, Ruby. Don't let your excitement become wild."

Vector:" There. Now you can get your weapons back."

They grabbed their weapons and they waiting for Jaune saying a word.

Jaune:" Now, who will go first?"

Coco:" I'll go first, Jaune."

Jaune:" Okay then. Show them what you got."

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