Chapter 17

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With Jekyll.


Jekyll rushed through the sea of Omegas, pushing people left and right and making a way for himself and ignored the cries or insults of him being rude and having no consideration for the others.

But he didn't care,they were lowly mongrels that did not know of his true potential; he was a demon after all. Lowly mongrels such as Omegas and humans should not act as if they are one on par with a Half-Subclass,or Beta,or demon like him.

Rather,they should be bowing down to him and asking for his forgiveness for acting so rude against a demon like himself!

He could activate the power that Tsubaki gave him when he turned and the people around him would cower and shiver in fear as he laughs at them with indifference.

Yet,he doesn't,because if there was one thing that he hated and feared,was an angry and irritated Hiru who was kept waiting.

He knew that he was late to arrive to their meeting point,yep,he just knew he was. But,the reason that he was late wasn't really his fault.

It was that damn guy that kept claiming that he was a guy called 'Licht' or 'Licht-Tan' or something like that,and that this 'Licht-Tan' always called himself an angel and not a demon (he was disgusted when he heard that) and his hair colour was just like his but inverted.

Whoever this 'Licht' was,he was sure that he wouldn't get along with him as their ideologies clashed against each other.

And this guy who kept chasing him...who was he?

He felt...familiar,and he couldn't pinpoint whether the feeling was good or bad; there was just that migraine that existed whenever he thought about whether the guy was bad,as if something was telling him that the guy was good but it was clashing and fighting something else in his brain.

It was like that 'something else' was a forcefield that surrounded his mind and tried to defend against any 'bad' influences.

He sometimes would get small migraines when he did something that felt familiar,such as playing 'Fur Elise',and a few visions would somehow cloud his eyes and make him feel as if he was in an entirely different world.

Were these 'visions' what people called 'flashbacks' or so?

In these visions,they differed depending on what familiar activity he did,but most of the time he just played piano songs that he had mastered by heart,so most of the visions were related to piano.

In 'Fur Elise',he could see 'himself' playing the piano with a suit and tie on in front of an empty auditorium with a guy whose eyes were covered by black sheets or thorns and his voice would always be somewhat distorted.

The guy always wore the same ridiculous black scarf on with a yellow vest and the same outfit each time, and he could always hear him say,"Bravo, bravo! That was amazing!As expected of you, ****-***!"

The words at the end would always be distorted beyond comprehension,so he had no idea what the guy said,but the guy always said that when he was referring to himself in the 'flashback' so he guessed that whatever the guy said was his name.

But the flashback would only last for at most, probably five seconds,leaving him to wonder if he really saw what he just saw.

And the 'himself' in those flashbacks...he couldn't really call the skilled pianist himself as the guy had black hair and a streak of white on the side, and he had white hair but a streak of black on the side.

Hold on...

That was what the guy who chased him had described this 'Licht-Tan' as...

Was it a coincidence?

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