Chapter 27

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James POV

Jemma and I have been here at Strand for a few hours and I already miss home. They have been very accommodating and polite. And it's nice to formally meet Jemma's family, but I feel.... out of place.

For one, they are all very formal. There is no common comraderie like with our pack. It's all business here all the time and it makes me immediately home sick.

I'm such a home body. I like the same dinners on the same nights and I like my usual routine. This is seriously going to test me. Maybe I'm boring. But I just like home. It's all I have ever had to count on. Always the same. Always there for me. And of course now there is Aida.

I trust Argent to take care of her. He will always protect his mate, plus there is no one more fierce or loyal to our pack, but I just got her back and now I'm so far away.

I can't believe I'm here, having to do this because of someone who was supposed to care about me, about Aida and about the pack. This is his fault, that useless, pathetic excuse for a father.

I feel some small soft hands on my back. That firm but kind caress I have come to love already. Jemma. She can feel my tension. She has been weary of my feelings since we arrived. She has been so sweet, introducing me to everyone. Showing me around the house and the grounds, never leaving me out.

"So, my mom wants us to have dinner with her tonight. Just my parents and the both of us"

She comes around the side of the couch to sit on my lap. We are in the common room so I look around to make sure we are not in front of too many public eyes.

She catches me looking and rolls her eyes.

"We are mates you know, plus I know things are tense here compared to your house but people have seen public displays of affection here at Strand."

I nod and laugh a little. I'm still uncomfortable with flaunting it, especially if her parents could walk in at any time. Awkward.

I pull her in close and she sighs into my neck. Thank the goddess she is here with me. I just feel out of place, out of sorts. I feel like I am waiting for something to happen. Call if a wolf sense but I feel uneasy. And so does my wolf. He has been on edge since we arrived and I have had to pull him back mentally too many times to count since we walked in the doors.

Something is not sitting right with me.

Jemma can see that I'm struggling internally again so she escapes my hug and pulls us to a stand.

"Come on grumpy, lets go let the wolves out for a run, ease some of that tension you have going on in that head of yours."

She knocks twice gently on my forehead and pulls me towards the front doors. As we reach the house entrance we are blocked by two of the pack trackers.

"Elroy, Alexander, you know my mate James?"

Jemma uses her formal tone.

I step forward to offer my hand but Elroy slaps it away. Jemma jumps a little, shocked and stands on edge next to me.

"Elroy what the fuck?"

Jemma moves in front of me now, I'm not sure what is happening here and Jemma takes charge. I love her confidence, it's hot.

"What is your issue exactly?" She pushes the two men, but both are ignoring her and staring intently at me. I can see the visible heat rising from their two bodies. I can see neither is going to back down any time soon. I feel my wolf sense this too.

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