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I placed Kimora back on the bed and she snuggled into my pillows, making me smile. I had to give her a small bath and put her in one of my shirts.

What just happened was...mind-blowing.

I didn't expect her to fall asleep from one round of foreplay. We were still far from finished with that. She still seemed so shy and yet, she was still amazing. I did regret even putting her into that position. I was caught up in the moment and her inexperience slipped my mind.

Thinking about her made me take another cold shower and I joined Kimora back in bed after I had dressed in just some sweatpants and cuddled her, closely. I was tired too so I let sleep take over.

I opened my eyes, the sound of music softly playing outside of my room, softly. Kimora wasn't here anymore and so I was guessing that it came from her. I got up from the bed, the memories of last night, coming back to me. I smirked, heading out of the room and going to the kitchen since I smelt bacon.

I froze seeing Kimora was dancing sexually to God is a woman. I expected her to be dancing frantically but, no. She twisted her hips, getting low to the ground before coming back up. Yep, she was going to be the death of me. "You, you love it how I move. You, you love it how I touch you. My one, when all is said and done. You'll believe God is a woman."

I walked up, placing my hands on her waist and she jumped but, when she realized it was only me, she relaxed. "Good morning."

"Good morning..." She blushed, pressing herself into me. I could tell she took another shower from the smell of cocoa butter filling my nose. I didn't let go of her and nuzzled my face into her neck as she continued cooking. "You don't need my help?"

"No, but, thank you anyway." She said, turning off the stove.

My hands traveled down to the front of her legs. "No, I mean, dancing. Looked like you needed a partner."

She looked at me over he shoulder and I smiled even though she looked like she wasn't going to dance, she started dancing again. We both stayed in sync and I decided to switch things up before we ended up getting out of hand. I took her hand, twirling her around in a circle and she laughed. "You're a mess."

"You love me though."

She smiled shyly, poking my nose. "I do."

We both sat down together, eating out food in an awkward silence which was new between us. Kimora poked at her eggs, glancing up at me from time to time.

I smirked. "You're staring Kitten."

"I-I know. It's just that..." She sighed, staring down at her food and a blush present on her face. "Do we talk about last night?"

"Why?" I asked, teasing her as she crossed her arms, trying to act put together. She's so cute. She seemed to be stuck on her words as the event from last night ran through her head and she brought her cup to her lips.  "Wow. Are you choking again, Kitten?"

She coughed, glaring daggers at me. "S-Shut up!"

"If you wanted to hear me say it, you were amazing which surprises me since this was your first time..."

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