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I was nibbling my lower lip while I try to come up with my reply. I didn't like the fact that he thought I was intentionally ignoring him.

Hey, no one's ignoring you. I wasn't able to check my phone since last night. Left it at home this morning too.

I put my phone down on the bed as I walked towards the bathroom and I was about to close the door when I heard my phone beeped. Maybe I got so excited more than I should because I had totally forgotten what I was supposed to do and immediately ran back to my bed. I grabbed my phone and tapped on the new message.

Are you sure?

Yeah. I'm sure.

I really thought you're not going to talk to me again.

I suddenly felt sad reading his last message. I somehow felt guilty making him feel that way. Though, I exactly felt the same these past couple of days.

I wasn't able to reply yet when he sent me another message.

I was about to start pouting and cry. I even bought a box of tissue.

And just like that, I laughed.

I feel bad for the tissue. You won't be able to use it anymore.

I waited for about three minutes for his reply but nothing came. I decided to run to the bathroom just as I initially intended to do a while ago.

When I came back, there were still no new messages from him. My shoulders went limp, unable to hide my disappointment.

Right then I realized that if there was something that I should do, it would be to train myself not to feel and act like this everytime this happened. So I decided to just divert my attention to something.

"Should I clean my room?" I asked myself as I looked around. "Yes, I should do that." I answered my own question as I went to my vanity table. There were a lot of stuff on it. Cosmetics, hair dryer, several bottles of perfumes, hair tie-

I wasn't able to even start arranging them when my phone suddenly rang. I put the perfume bottle that I was holding down straightaway before I went to my bed. Grabbing my phone, I momentarily paused when I saw him calling me.

"Hello?" I said, trying to calm my voice the best way I could.

I waited for a few moments but I couldn't hear any reply from the other line.

"Hello?" I said once more but there was really nothing. All I could hear were movements. It seemed like there were a lot of people around but I couldn't hear him.

I removed the phone from my ear and ended the call. He must've pressed the wrong button or something. I thought immediately.

I was still busy wondering when my phone suddenly beeped.

Sorry, the staff are here so I couldn't really talk.

So why did you call?

To hear you.

I was unable to stop my lips from forming into a big smile as I read his reply. Honestly, he needed to stop doing this to me or else I'd start going crazy. And as if it wasn't enough, my phone beeped once again.

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