Chapter 1 : A New Job

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Irene POV
"You're fired!" My boss shouted at me. I stood up glaring at him. "Sure, I hate this job anyways!" I shouted back. "Why you-" He slapped me hardly. I fell on the ground.

"You will never be successful! You're just a bitch who can do nothing but make people suffer!" He said. "Heh... No wonder your parents left you. You can't do anything but-" I quickly stood up and pushed him towards the wall. I grabbed his collar and gave him a death glare.

"Don't you dare talk about them." I threatened him. He smirked. "Even if you're successful, I will still ruin your life. You killed your family too." He said. I loosen my grip.

"Who's the one losing now?" He asked. My hands fell of his collar. "I-I didn't kill them... It was an accident." I told him. "You have proof that it was an accident?" He asked.

I sighed.

"I will take my leave now." I said as I grabbed my black handbag which was on the counter. He was laughing at me.

I'm useless.... No one will love me... Why must my life be like this? I will never find love...

I wiped my tears as I was walking to the bus stop. I sat down while waiting. How am I supposed to find a new job now? I looked at my watch. It was 11 pm.

"I haven't ate my dinner...." I said softly as I held my stomach which was growling. I'm so hungry!

I felt someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned back. "Is something wrong?" A guy asked. He was handsome, charming and seemed like a nice guy.

"Y-yeah I'm fine... I just lost my job that's all." I told him. "Oh... Do you wanna have dinner?" He asked. "W-what?" I was shocked.

I mean he is a stranger....

"I'm Park Jimin." He said as he reached his hand out. I shook his hand. "Bae Irene." I said.

"Well my company really needs a new secretary for the boss... I think you suit working with him." He said. "Huh? What makes you say that?" I asked.

He took out a name card from his pocket. "Come for the interview tomorrow at 9.30 am." He said. I looked at the name card.

KTH Designs

"Don't be late. He really hates it when someone is late." He told me. "Thank you! Thank you!" I said as I bowed multiple times.

"No problem." He said. "Here." He said as he handed me something. "Money?" I asked. "Buy some food." He told me and walked away. "Thank you!" I shouted as I watched him left.

The bus stopped in front of me. I waited for the passengers to leave and went inside. I took a seat.

"Heol, I found a job right after I got fired." I said and laughed. "I need to tell Seulgi." I took out my phone and saw 3 unreaded messages from Seulgi.

Seulgi :

Seulgi :
Where are you?

Seulgi :
Please tell me you're okay

Irene :

Irene :
Guess who found a new job after getting fired?

Seulgi :

Seulgi :
And you found another job....?

Irene :
Yeah I'm coming home soon

Irene :
I'll reach in 10 minutes

Seulgi :

Last seen at 11.47 pm

I opened the door and went inside. I smelled some delicious food somewhere... I walked towards the dining table. Seulgi was finished cooking.

"Eonnie, you're back!" She said. "Sorry I can't cook that much... We still don't have enough money to buy more groceries..." She told me. "It's okay..." I said and gave her a warm smile.

I sat down on the sofa. I smiled as I looked at the name card. A thought popped in my mind which made my mood switched.

"I didn't kill them... I didn't kill them... I didn't kill them..." I whispered repeatedly while I cover my ears.

I don't know what happened in the past... All I remembered was that I killed my parents by accident. I didn't murder them purposely...

"Oh? Eonnie why are you crying?" Seulgi asked as she sat beside me. "I didn't kill them...." I said as I forced my eyes to shut. She pat my back. "You didn't... I believe you..." She said.

"Damn your eyes are puffy since you cried." She told me. I forced a smile and looked at her. I laughed. "Sorry." She said. "Kaja, let's eat." I nodded and stood up.

"So I will be interviewed in KTH Designs." I told her. "WHAT?!" She shouted. "Omg you shocked me!" I said and smacked her arm. "Ow... But KTH Designs?!" She asked. I nodded. "THAT'S THE TOP 1 BEST DESIGN COMPANY IN SEOUL!" She shouted.

I widen my eyes. "What?" I asked. "Omg you're so lucky.. Good luck for tomorrow tho... I wanna sleep now. Bye!" She said and ran upstairs.

The next morning,
My alarm rang. I slowly opened my eyes and stretched my arms. I looked at my alarm. It was 8.30 am.

I got off my bed and grabbed an outfit.

I went downstairs and ate my breakfast that was prepared by Seulgi before she went to work

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I went downstairs and ate my breakfast that was prepared by Seulgi before she went to work.

Taehyung POV
"Excuse me." I heard a knock on my door. "Hmm? Come in." I said in my deep voice. It was Jimin. My father was the chairman and he hired Jimin. I really hate that guy but my dad doesn't allow me to fire him just because of that.

Jimin walked inside and handed me my file. "Your schedule for today." He said. I nodded and looked at my schedule.

"Ah, you will be interviewing-" "I dont need a secretary." I said coldly and threw the file on the floor.

"None of them are doing right." I said as I crossed my arms. "Well you fired them all..." He said. "I don't need one anymore. They're just useless shit." I told him.

"I'm sure you're gonna love this one. She's pretty, kind-" "That's what you said everytime!" I shouted as I stood up. I grabbed my bag, ready to leave. "Hey hey hey... Trust me... This one will be the best." He put his hands of my shoulders.

I pushed them away and raised an eyebrow. "What if she's not?" I asked. "Then she will be the last one and you can fire me." He said confidently. "How good is she that you would even say that?" I asked as I rolled my eyes.

"Oh I'm sure." He said. I smirked. "You can't fire her. She will have to quit herself." He added. "That would be easy..." I said as I felt happy that I could finally fire him.


What if I fail?

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