Taking a stand

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Antonio's POV

After talking to Morris and Adrian they agreed with me. We started talking to others and we worked our way around school. Rain wasn't at school. Colton and Lia kept her home for the day.

They stayed home to work with her so she'd didn't regress and to give Luke and Cole a break.

At lunch, the three of us talked.

"Do you think it will work," Morris asked.

"Even if others don't follow, I'm still doing it," Adrian said.

"Doesn't matter if others follow or not. This has gone on too far. All schools have an anti-bully program in place but when push comes to shove they do nothing. They allow it. Well no more. This ends today. Maybe they will hear us for once," I told them.

They both looked at me and nodded. That was the thing about Morris and Adrian. They didn't give a shit what anyone thought. Especially Adrian. To him right was right and wrong was wrong. Plain and simple.

When six hour hit, we all went to our classes then waited. We looked at the clock and actually at ten after, we all all got up one by one.

"Where are you going," the teacher asked.

"We're walking out," I announced as I left the classroom as more and more kids followed. If the school wasn't going to do anything, then we were. This was for all the kids that get bullied for being different.

I was sick of it and so were others.

As we all walked out of the school, the principal came out, "this is unacceptable! Get back to class," he demanded.

"Nope. Not until things change," I said. As majority of the school stood with me.

"I'm going to call all of your parents," he yelled.

"Good. Call them then you can explain why several kids have repeatedly attacked someone with a disability. Someone that doesn't deserve this," I told him.

"Rainbow has Autism. That's not a disability," he said ignorantly.

"That's where you're wrong dumbfuck. Autism is classified as a disability. But you would know this considering she's enrolled in special education classes which gives you a lot of money. But hey let's ignore the real issue," Adrian shouted.

He looked at us.

"See it's fine when you take money and still fail someone that you're suppose to help. Pretty sad if you ask me," Morris added.

"So, explain to us why we should go back into a school that clearly doesn't give a shit how people are treated and can't follow their own rules. You let people like Ella, Darcy, Lyle and others roam free to bully, harass and call names of others but still do nothing," I said to him. Then I turned to everyone, "fight for Rainbow! Fight for Rainbow! Fight for Rainbow!"

Everyone followed suit as they all shouted fight for Rainbow. One way or another they were going to listen.

I played with My Little Ponies and Luke and Cole came into the house, alerting dad and mom. 

"Turn on the tv," Luke said as dad flipped on the switch. There on the news was the school and majority of students chanting fights for Rainbow.

Then they saw Antonio talking to a reporter.

"What made you decide to do this," she asked him.

"Because it's not right. People are being ignored and it's time to put an end to it," he answered.

"Who is Rainbow?"

"Rainbow is an amazing person that opened my eyes to a beautiful world. One I want to be a part of. She's beautiful, smart, funny and amazing. And I love her," he replied as he walked away and went back to chanting.

My family sat there and watched as the news played the live feed of what was going on at the school.

"Damn. Why would he do that," Luke asked.

"Because he loves her," Cole said as they looked at her. "It Takes people forever to see Rain for the amazing person she is. It took him a couple of months. If that isn't love, then I don't know what is," he said simply.

Cole might not say much but he understood everything. That's why people listened when he spoke. He was direct and to the point.

I continued to play with my ponies in my own little world, while everything was moving around me. In my world, there wasn't negativity. There wasn't people being mean. To my world there was wonderment and amazement. It didn't mean I didn't feel things, I did. I just saw things differently than most people.

Antonio's POV

The local news showed up and so did the cops. By this time it turned into a full blown protest.  We were sick and tired of nothing being done, so we took a stand.

Soon our parents arrived along with Colton and Lia.  As we chanted, they walked up. Colton walked up to the principal and was met by the superintendent.

"See what your children have created," the principal said.

"Actually, my children don't cause problems. They were the targets especially Rain who doesn't do anything to anyone.  You've done nothing but stand by just like you did for years," he told the principal.

"As of today you are relieved of your duties George," the superintendent said.

"You can't fire me!  I have a contract!"

"Which you're in violation of. School is suppose to be a place of learning for everyone not just certain students. Special privileges shouldn't exist for a few. They should be for everyone. I'm appalled by the behavior towards Rainbow Hardwick and others.  You are dismissed," she told him.

He stormed out of there.

She turned to us, "as of right now, you have a new principal, Mr. Hardwick."  She announced as we all cheered and clapped.

"I'll leave you do it Colton," she told him.

He looked at us, "it's time for changes. As of today, any student involved in bullying will be expelled.  All of you should be able to learn in a stress free environment. This isn't it. My wife Mrs. Hardwick will also be transferring to the high school as well. Now school is dismissed, go home," he announced to us.

We cheered even louder and he rolled his eyes, then laughed.

As everyone started to leave the three of us walked over to him.

"You boys are something else," he said to us.

"Maybe changes will help," Adrian said to him.

"Changes always help. As a teacher and a father, I could not be prouder of you three. I knew you all were destined for great things," he smiled.  We all looked at him and smiled.

Colton was our first grade teacher and always said to take a stand when something wasn't right. It was one lesson that's taught from someone special. 

That was the class I met Adrian and Morris. When I got pushed around for being shy, they had my back, just like I have theirs. 

I didn't go home, instead I went to see Rain. When I arrived at her house I was thanked by her brothers. I told them there was no need to thank me. It's what you do when you love someone.

I went up to her room and saw her door open. She looked at me and said, "Want to play my little pony?"

I smiled as I walked in and played my little pony with her. I know she probably doesn't know what transpired today but it didn't matter. Today we took a stand for Rain. Today we took a stand for everyone.  Today we took a stand.

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