Traveling Back in Time

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Nashi's POV

It was a normal day in the guild. You know dad fighting with uncle Gray. Nash fighting storm.Then aunt Erza and Reiki breaking up their fight. The guild was mostly divided by family. The bar area was where the Dreyer's sat. The upper left corner was where the Fullbusters sat.The lower left was where my family sat. Upper right Redfox's. Lower right the Fernandez bunch

Gale's POV

I wonder if mom has ever seen this book. It's a really odd book, but then again the magic library is a weird place. 

I walk up to mom and say " Hey mom have you ever read this book? " 

" Hmm...let me see. " my mom said smiling at me. 

" Hey Gale how are you? " my little sister Emma walked up to me and said.

" I'm good found this book at the library. " I told her.

" Ohh what is it " she asked with stars in her eyes.I chuckled at her response. 

" I don't know that's why I asked mom. " I said ruffling her hair. She huffed pouting. I chuckled even more at her cuteness.

Levy's POV

" Hey Mira can you come here for a sec? " I asked the white haired mage. 

"Sure Levy. What do you need? " she asked walking over to me. 

" Dose this book seem familiar to you? "I asked. Furrowing my eyebrows a little. This book seems so familiar, but I just can't place it. Man I must be getting old.

" Hmmmm " she hummed thinking.

" No, but lets ask Lucy. See if she knows anything. " Mira said.

" Lu-chan! " I yelled across the guild.

Lucy's POV

" Lu-chan! " I heard a blue haired mage call me from across the guild. I rolled my eyes at her laziness. She could gave gotten up to ask me something. I got up and walked over to see what she wanted. 

" Yes Levy-chan. "I said smiling.

" Lu does this book look familiar to you? "she asked showing me the book. 

" Hmmmm "I hummed in thought. 

" Ahhh " I said in realization. 

" Yes its an old book on time travel. But it was forbidden by the magic council for being a dangerous magic. " I said while looking at the book . 

" Why is it dangerous? Sounds cool to me. " a green haired mage asked while shrugging. 

" Well Gale it may sound cool, but if you travel back in time you may change the future and things now will change. " I said in a warning to Gale.

" What ever still sounds cool "he said pouting and crossing his arms. We all giggled at his actions causing him to blush. 

" So where did you get this Lev? " I asked Levy. 

" Gale said he got this from the magic library "she said looking at Gale. 

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