My Beloved, Forgive Me... Won't you? 1.2

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I woke up in a strange room, but looking at the patterns and designs, you could tell just from a quick glance that I am in a modest yet luxurious household.

Wait, wasn't all of those a dream?

I looked at my hands, the softness indicates the fact that this body has been doted on.
This isn't my body, I was just an ordinary independent woman, living her life in content.

So, all of those were real?

But whose body am I in though?

I looked near to the mirror, and immediately saw a young woman.

The young woman wasn't the most beautiful woman you could ever see, in fact when put next to multiple beautiful actresses or models, she could even pale in comparison with them. But with her soft, black hair draping over her shoulders, smooth and milky fair skin. Accompanied with her big black eyes, staring at them could make you see a hidden gem. She also has those pink cherry lips, looking like sweet candy, igniting a desire to everyone to completely devour it.

But her head... No, not just her head, but her body was also with bandages, what happened?


A cute small voice echoed throughout the room.

I am in puzzlement. Yes, I do know that it isn't a dream, however this kind of sudden change is hard to get used to.

I immediately tried to get up, but fell down in an instant.


My body ached to the point I couldn't even stand, just what has this body had gone through?

Just as I screamed in pain, a maid knocked exasperatedly on the door.

"Miss! Miss! Are you okay miss?! Please let me in!" Someone cried.

"Come in.."

I managed to say with my body aching.

Ah! This really did hurt! Seriously, what happened to this body?

The maid came in and hurriedly ran into my side.

"Miss, you should still be careful. You have just went through an accident and isn't fully healed yet."

Accident? That explains the bandages, but what kind?

After she left, I didn't dare to move again. Moving would cause me more pain, wouldn't it?

Sigh, it seems the system hasn't given me full information yet.

Why not just give me the full storyline so we can finish this storyline without any troubles, hm?

I hate this!

System:  Receiving storyline: 20% (Incomplete)

Shu Yue: WHAT?!


Shu Yue: How can this be?!

System: Host, you need to get the other percent of the storyline as you do this mission. The system only provides 20% of the storyline. Originally it was supposed to be 30% but since Host is a beginner, we considered it. Depending on the difficulty of the level, the higher the difficulty of a mission was, the higher the percentage of storylines they will get. They get the higher percentage since they have to act like the original host.

Shu Yue: Isn't this supposed to be a training world? Then, why did you directly send me into a mission world!

System: Who said that I would send you to the training world first? Plus, we don't have enough money nor resources to completely send our Hosts to training worlds. Especially since we're just a small system.

System: But since I'm nice, I will tell you a little bit of the body's backround. The body you're in is the daughter of the
Luo company. Not the favorite but is still doted on and is still respected by everyone, though not as much as the favorite child. Anywho, this body is perfect for the role as Cheng Jing fell in love with the friend of Luo WeiYing, Mei Rong. Luo WeiYing is your typical damsel in distress but in the end she got more mature and stronger, thus developing a feisty personality and a sharp tongue. But overall, she is still Luo WeiYing who is weak to feelings and such.

System: Oops! I almost leaked too much, anywho with those information, you'll hopefully finish this mission well. Best of luck! My promotion depends on you~

Shu Yue: What promotion? Hey! Don't leave so suddenly!

I kept calling for the system in my mind helplessly and desperately.
So it seems like I have to be completely alone in this one, huh?

I sighed deeply, and wanted to call someone.

Ah, how do I call a maid again?

We're in the modern world so it's unlikely that I call them like the ones they do in historical dramas. So, I call them by their name? But, I didn't even have the host's memories, how would I even know what to call them?

I sighed again deeply and began to contemplate on what I should do.

Should I get up and make my body ache again so someone would come and use the amnesia tactic? Or should I just call 'someone' and and let a random person come here? Then again, both options could wreak a havoc that someone is intruding here. Which is skeptical since this is a large house with high security.

Just as I was thinking on what I should do, someone knocked on my door.

"Miss, dinner is ready. May I come in?"
Someone asked through the door.

"Come in." I immediately replied, I could ask this person on information right?

The one who came in, was an another maid.
Her age seems to be older than the other one was. Her hair showing signs of white, Her smile full of wrinkles. Still, she looks gentle and kind.

"Miss, your dinner is here." The old maid said.

I cleared my throat to get her attention.

"Excuse me, can you tell me where I am?" I asked her in confusement and wonder.

I decided to act on the amnesia tactic, it does work well as I don't know anyone. The system also said that I don't need to act like the original host since the difficulty is not that low. Still, based on my experience from reading novels, I should not act recklessly.

The maid stood there with shock. While with me, I was looking at her in confusement.

She stood there with surprise for a whil then eventually shook her head. As if wanting this to just become a dream.

"Miss, do you remember anything?" The maid asked in desperation

"No, sadly not." Whilst shaking my head in denial.

"M-miss, I'll go call Master." While sturttering, the old maid ran out of the room in exasperation.

It seems that losing my memories was a big deal, I sighed and began to eat.

Shu Yue: System!

System: What is it?

Shu Yue: Are there any tasks or side tasks left from the original host?

I asked the system, based from these types of system novels that I've read. I often see that original hosts leave side tasks and the system hosts fulfill them.

System: There are no side tasks as the original host lived a contented life.

Shu Yue: Oh, I see. Thank you anyway.

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