Author's Note

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Normally, I would save this for the end, but I don't see a way around it this time. You need to be warned.

This story was never meant to be a novel. I was in the midst of rewriting another book entirely when I decided to give myself a "fun project" to go to when I couldn't stand the other anymore. When I do this, it is usually a short story I start. Something that is just mine and I can share at my leisure.

I accidentally wrote a novel.

Yes, I am complaining about it.

No, I'm really not. (In fact, I am quite impressed with myself for being able to pull off a 62,310 word story on accident.)

Alas, the reason you need to be warned is because this is a story, not a novel. Because of the intent apparent in its production, there was no plotting. There was no conscious desire to develop anything. Over ninety percent of what occurs in this tale was never intended to happen.

But that's what happens when you give characters a free rein and ask politely, "So what happened to you?"

This is what happened to Tallie. This is her story and has not been altered by the author in any way (even though I tried ... several times).

This is a complete accounting of events in a first (and only) draft format. There will be inconsistencies, errors, and a lack of fulfillment in certain areas (probably). None of these will be addressed by the characters or author at any time after we post it.

To put it in layman's terms: I'M FREE! I'M FREE! IT'S DONE AND I'M NOT GOING BACK! I'M FREE!!

Now, please enjoy this epic accidental novel.

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