Love comes unexpected

It happens without a warning

It exist without you seeing it

It happens for a Reason

Love is the greatest magic there is

It is everywhere

It cannot be seen by the naked eye

but it can be seen by the heart...

She fell in love once

He knows he will never be in love

 Her heart is broken

He's a heartbreaker

She stopped believing in love

He believes love is for Fools

How can two people feel that love do exist between them when she already stopped believing and he never believed it exist?  


Sarah: I believe in love but how can i fall in love when my heart is already gone?

Gerald: Love? It can only be found in fairy tales and we all know fairy tales don't exist, happy endings is just a piece of crap! The best way to describe Love is just a sugarcoated word for lust. Or maybe it exist but it only exist for fools and it will never exist in my life.. Not a chance...

One Wish (AshRald Fan Fiction)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!