chapter one - had to exaggerate

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"Zoffley, Samantha!" Proffesor Mcgonall called out and a chubby, bespectacled girl stumbled forward and sat on the stool, placing the Sorting hat onto her head. The hat debated for a second, before calling out, "HUFFLEPUFF!"
From her spot at the Gryffindor tables, Lily Evans clapped half-heartedly as the girl headed to her tables. She was focused on her rumbling stomach, and a hungry Lily Evans was never a happy one.

"Hogwarts!" Proffesor Dumbledore said, magically magnifying his voice. "No words shall be spoken yet, for now you may eat." At his words, dishes filled with the most delicious foods appeared on the table. Lily instantly piled potatoes, roast chicken and other wonders onto her plate, before digging in. As like every year, the food tasted like heaven. It instantly cured Lily's stomach, sending her straight into a good mood.

"This is the life," she muttered. Laurelle Adams, one of the girls in Lily's bunk, sighed in reply.

After all the delicious food, the contents of the plate vanished to be replaced with tasty deserts. Lily piled a bit of treactle tart and fudge brownies onto her plate, before digging in to the feast.

When everyone had finished the last of their pudding, they turned to Proffesor Dumbledore as the food vanished, sleepy but content.

"Just the usual start-of-term headlines. Mr Filch wishes to remind the first years and some of our older students-" his eyes flashed to a few Gryffindors, "-that the Forbidden Forest is forbidden. And then Proffesor Mcgonagall would like to inform the sixth-year Gryffindors that tomorrow they must please meet her in the Muggle Studies classroom." His words were greeted by murmurs from the Gryffindors. Lily turned to Laurelle, who was looking equally as confused as Lily.

Dumbledore cleared his throat. "You may head to bed." Lily pushed back her chair and directed the first-year Gryffindors to the entrance doors. As a prefect, it was her duty to lead them to the Common Room.

"Follow me," she called out, making her way through the crowd to the corridors, the first-years on her heels.
All the way to the Common Room, Lily explained the meaning of the talking portaits and the moving staircaes and anything else important. Finally they arrived.

"Now you can head to bed." She said. She turned towards the stairs leading to her dormitory but stopped when she heard one of the first-year girls whisper, "She can talk alot. Almost blew my ears off." Lily whirled around, ready to reprimand her, but a voice beat her to it.

"I should take points for that. A first-year, disrepecting a prefect? Now off to bed!" The person spoke quietly, but firmly. The girl scampered off with her friends.

"Thanks for that," Lily sighed, running a hand through her wavy red hair tiredly.

"No problem," Remus Lupin said. "I had to exaggerate though."

"Anyway," Lily said. "Are we still up for our study sessions?" She had to actually tilt her head back to look at Remus due to how tall he'd gotten. His sandy blond hair had also grown and now sat in a thicker-than-normal state on his head, almost Steve Rogers style. The scars on his face that were caused from his 'Furry Little Problem', as he so affectionately called it, were less prominent and silvery than before.

"Yeah, of course." Remus answered. Lily snapped out of her trance and began to walk up the staircase, Remus at her side.

"How are the boys?" She asked. She didn't exactly want to talk about the so-called Marauders, but Remus and her had just recently repaired their friendship after it had stopped just the previous term.

"Uh, well, Peter's fine, we've been down to his house over the summer. But-" he hesitated, and Lily nodded her head, a sign for him to continue.

"You didn't hear from me," he said slowly, glancing around to make sure no one was in close hearing proximity. "Sirius is permanently living at James because his parents - or rather, himself - kicked him out. Said he's too 'Muggley' for them." Lily instantly felt her heart go out to Sirius and even though he'd upset her more than enough over the course of the five years she'd known him, she still felt sorry for him. She had a whole lot of experience when it came to troubled family.

"So yeah." Remus continued. "Well anyway, I think we should be getting to bed."

Lily nodded and walked up the last few steps.

"Goodnight, Lily."

"Goodnight Remus.


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