Chapter Fifty: Epilogue.

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Chapter Fifty: Epilogue.
Extra long. (400+ words)

Saturday morning.

LYDIA laughed as George tickled her. She was squirming on his lap trying to get away from his hands.

"George, stop." She said in between laughs but he didn't.

Today was his last shift at Adam's garage. Meaning wouldn't see her for the majority of the day so, he woke her up before he had to leave.

Lydia grabbed one of his hands and interwind their fingers together. "You're doing the right thing," she said, trying to reassure him that his decision was right.

College was starting soon and they both knew that driving across the country on a Friday night and working a Saturday wasn't possible.

John Adams' even threatened to fire him if he even thought about doing that. George was like a son to him and he wanted the best for him.

"I know, I guess I just don't want to leave that part of my life behind," George sighed, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear with his free hand.

A smile played on her lips, "your not leaving it behind, your taking it with you. You start at nine right?"

Nodding, George raised an eyebrow," what are you thinking?"

Lydia grinned, as Theresa walked up to their booth with two chocolate milkshakes and a note.

"We'll miss you both when you're off at college. Have fun kids, college is a place for making memories."

Giving the pair one more smile Theresa walked away with an empty tray.

George smiled as he read the note the elderly waitress has given them.

Dear Lydia and George,
You've stuck with us since we've begun and we've stuck with you. But, now we must part ways. We will always remember you and hopefully, you'll both remember us. As our motto goes, you'll always forget the faces but the taste will stay with you.
Wishing you both the best in the future,
- the staff at Mindy's.

Lydia smiled sadly at the note, "I never thought leaving for college would be this hard."

George nodded in agreement, he never thought it would be this hard either. But, thankfully he and Lydia had been both accepted to the same college.

As the clock struck nine Lydia dropped George off at the Adams' garage. "I'll see you later?" She asked, already knowing the answer.



Guys, that's the end of She's the One.

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