Chapter Forty-Four: They will always be in one another's debts. That's love.

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Chapter Forty-Four: They will always be in one another's debts. That's love.

Saturday Evening 5:05 PM

GEORGE pulled up to the Jackson's house around five o clock. The garage closed early today due to John's 'sore' hip. Though the wink George received from him when he was leaving the garage told him different.

Glancing into the back of his car, he double checked he had everything. Smiling, he relaxed as everything he needed was there.

"I'm leaving," Lydia shouted as she walked out the front door. She left a note for her parents saying she was out with George and would be home tomorrow evening at the latest. While Aaron knew.

Hence the reason she was packed right now and not running around the house like a headless chicken trying to get things done. Aaron helped her and she was grateful of her brother, even if he was a massive pain sometimes.

"Hi," she smiled as she placed her duffel bag at her feet. Like always, Lydia sat in the passenger seat. Though unlike any other time she kissed his cheek.

George felt his cheeks heat up as his heart was beating hard and fast against his chest. What is this girl doing to me, he thought, but he knew whatever she was doing or will do he'd love.

Lydia smiled, trying to restrain from squealing like a school girl at his reaction. George Scott was blushing because she kissed him.

George waited a few moments before looking at the blue eyed girl beside him,"I'm always going to be in your debt aren't I?"


I love them. Their literally the cutest beans I've ever!

KateAnnee :)

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