Chapter Forty-Three: Phone calls.

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Chapter Forty-Three: Phone calls.

Saturday morning

LIKE every other Saturday morning Lydia Jackson slept in past midday. Awakened by her phone ringing Lydia groaned, feeling around her nightstand for her phone.

Once she found it she answered it. Placing it up to her ear, Lydia sighed, "hello?"

George smiled at the sound of her voice. He knew he'd just woken her up, even though it was past noon.

He was on his break. John Adams sat beside him talking to his daughter about the car George and him were working on.

"Did you forget about our deal?"

"Shoot!" Lydia mumbled as she threw her duvet off her bed. She didn't completely forget about their deal, she just forgot that it was today. And that today was Saturday.

Lydia smiled as she heard John Adams talk about fuse boxes faintly in the background. She knew George helped out at the garage on Saturday and whenever he got a chance.

John fixed their car and when Lydia and her mother went to collect it, John was talking about George. Indirectly of course, but all the brunette had to do is piece all the puzzle together.

"Better start packing, Lydia," George said as he ended the call. Shaking his head, he smiled, she'd forgotten.

Cara Adams nudged her father to look at their most loyal employee. "Big date tonight?" Her father asked him, already knowing the answer.

George turned to face the two Adams', "yeah."

A very big date, he thought as he took a bite of his apple.


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