Part 68 - Don't judge a book by it's cover

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"Jess... Jess..." I was soflty woken up by the deep raspy voice of Rick, his voice was deeper and raspier than usual so he must have just woken up too. I looked up at him, "We gotta get moving" He continued, I nodded and dragged myself up from my makeshift bed, the recent dream I had was still on my mind, what did it mean? I'm over thinking this... it's nothing... well... I hope. I grabbed my stuff and stuffed it into my rucksack and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, i got out my bottle of water and began to brush. The same feeling that I had yesterday came over me again, i felt very sick but I couldnt tell Rick, he would want to stay here again, we need to find the others. I began to dry heave, I hunched over expecting to throw up but I didn't. I breathed a sigh of relief and finished brushing my teeth and ran down stairs. "We should be there by noon, hopefully the others will be there" Rick declared, liffting his rucksack and placing it on his shoulders.I jumped off the last step and walked towards the door, waiting for the others, I think I need some time to reflect by myself, I couldn't get the dream out of my head and it was driving me crazy. I could of sworn i felt that knife twist into me as though it was real, the thought of it just made me feel sick, if you think of it in some form of deeper meaning, it obviously meant that I was feeling guikty that i was with Rick and that Lori was dead. Her death devstated everyone, though I didn't like her, I still felt some compassion towards her.

I had been so caught up in my thoughts that I hadn't realized that we were close to terminus, Rick stopped us all for a meeting of some kind. "Now I know were looking for everyone and our hopes arehigh but if they aren't there then we gotta think about our options... now this could be a trap... but then again it might not be... we could walk in there and everyone is already theere, we don't know. Keep your wits about you and if you sense that something is wong, only the tiniest feeling then I wanna know... Okay?" We all nodded to show that we understood, eyes peeled and watch out for anything that doesn't seem right... got it. We walked to the top of the hill and finally saw terminus, the place we had been looking for, for four days, we had finally arrived, hopefully the others were here so we could leave. I was already getting a creepy vibe from this place, the sort of place where outlaws would come to secure a drugs or arms deal where no one could see or even find them, this place was pretty remote. Upon the wall there was the word 'TERMINUS' written in big bold letters, the fence that surrounded this warehouse type building was brick red from all the rust, I'm guessing it had been here an awful long time, it did look pretty secure though, more so than the prison did. I glanced around and saw that there were no walkers, at all, they must have been keeping on top of it, This made me think about how many people must be in there to keep the walker problem at bay. I had so many questions swimming around in my head that I didnt notice Rick calling my name until he placed a hand on my shoulder. "You ready?" he asked, I replied with a head nod and with that we all desended on terminus. When we had reached the bottom, the little gate by the side of the massive fence gate that I assume allowed vehicles in and out. We all filtered though the fence and began to look around terminus, we walked through what I thought was the car park, but it had no vehicles in it. We then walked past a small part of the building that had the door open, we could hear voices c0ming from it, so we decided to follow thm, maybe it was our group?

We reached another open door, the voice was much louder and more clearer, it was a woman, she was saying " Terminus those who arrive survive. Follow the tracks to the point where all lines intersect. There are maps at the crossings to help guide you with your journey. Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive survive. Terminus, sanctuary for all. Community for all." She was about to continue when Rick walked past me, "Hello" he said. "Those who s- Hello" The woman looked shocked, especially when all five of us entered the room. That's when a young guy turned around. "Well, I bet Albert is on perimeter watch..." he said sarcastically, the woman who was talking before shuffled on her seat, she was sitting behind a table with a CB radio on top of it. "Are you here to rob us?" Rick shook his head. "No... We wanted to see you before you saw us." The other guy walked closer to us "Makes sense.. Usually we do this where the tracks meet. Ahem. Welcome to Terminus... I'm Gareth" He replied, Extending his arm to shake Rick's, His eye caught on to mine and then the rest of the group. Gareth was a tallish guy with sweeping chestnut brownhair to match his eyes, he was quite nicely built and looked very confident. "Looks like you've been on the road for a good bit." he observed, looking back at Rick. "We have" Rick begun, then he proceeded to point at himself and then to each of us. "Rick. That's Carl, Jess, Daryl, Michonne." When he pointed to Carl I placed my hands upon his shoulders. I had come to this of Carl as a son now, and I would do anything to protect him as the rest of the group would but my protection had grown more great ove the last few weeks, as though I was a tigress looking after her cub, and would do anything to ensure it's safety. Gareth looked back at me "You're nervous. I get it...We were all the same way. We came here for sanctuary...That what you're here for?" he asked. We all nodded. "Good" he continued with a smile, "You found it."

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