Getting ready for Thanksgiving

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Okay, so I've never done something like this before, but I decided to be different.

I've really enjoyed doing this series, 'Fangs, Claws, and...?', and this is the third one so far.  

So, I was thinking about what I would like to do with my one-shots this time, and many thoughts came to mind.  Since I was working on 'Wolf in Blue' at the time it made me think of how some girls love a man in uniform... myself included.  :- )

This had my mind churning and it brought to mind one of my readers who asked me if I'd ever thought about writing a story about a soldier.  She had just finished reading my story 'Love's Flame'.  She mentioned how she  loved soldier stories, and at the time I had planned to write three stories, fireman, policeman, and EMT.  I had no plans for soldiers, but I told her "maybe someday".

Well, that day has come in the form of one-shots.  I have many relatives who have served.  My dad was US Air Force. I have Uncles who served in the Air Force and in the US Army.  I have cousins who served in the US Marines, and in the US Navy.  Men and women in the armed forces are near and dear to me.

So, I thought, why not have the military meet the supernatural?  

Does that sound good?  Hunky men in uniform that have a little something extra like fangs and claws!  

I hope so, because Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for many things in our lives.  The men and women in these one-shots are going to have something wonderful to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, their soulmates! 

So, come November 1st, be ready to sit back and enjoy my latest vision of the supernatural!

Oh, and I found this cute picture and couldn't resist it!   

Until then, Presley's Angel

Until then, Presley's Angel

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