Chapter 7

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Reader's POV
I opened the cage door and ran out. I looked around and ran down a random hall. I saw several of platforms that were chained to the top of the room. I looked down and... LAVA?! Why the HELL is lava here?! I back away from the lava. I heard rapid footsteps heading towards me and saw several of Koopas heading towards me. One of the Koopa's eyes started glowing and it suddenly sprouted wings and grabbed me, letting its fellow Koopas fall into the lava.

(YN): What the FUCK?!

The koopa flew through a window and crashed through, taking me with it. I panicked and started to frantically struggle myself from the Koopa's arms. I looked up and punched the koopa in the face, causing its wings to disappear. My eyes widened and we started to fall to the ground.


I flailed around heard a high pitched sound come from above me. I looked up and felt my eyes go pale. Shocked, I got up.


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I hit the ground, causing a small crater to form under me. I looked up and saw what looked like a ghost. Before I could yell, It immediently tensed up and covered its face.

(YN): what...the hell?

I walked up to it and put my hand on it. I was suprised to see that I was able to physically pet its head.

(YN): what are you...? Why did you get me out of the castle..?

The ghost only seemed to panic more. It made a random sound and started to float away.

(YN): H-Hey! Wait!!

I started to run after it as it flew away. It seemed to be running away from Bowsette's castle. Why? Where is it taking me?

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