Chapter Forty-Two: He has her heart.

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Chapter Forty-Two: He has her heart.

Friday Night

LYDIA sipped her chocolate milkshake as George read out the second note given to them both from the staff here.

"Free milkshakes from our favourite couple, from the staff at Mindy's."

George smiled, telling Lydia what half of the note said. The other half, he'd tell her when he was ready.

"I guess you still owe me chocolate," Lydia teased as she drank the last of her milkshake.

The show tonight used all the energy she had left. Once again, she left all she had on the stage while the person who has her heart watched. She hoped he'd always watch her.

George raised an eyebrow at the smiling brunette, "only if you join me tomorrow?"

Tomorrow, the day he would tell her everything. Everything he ever wanted to say to her since he saw her. Since he heard her angelic voice.

Lydia bit her lip, pretending to think about her answer. She already knew what she was going to say but wanted to tease him a little.

She knew it wasn't working though, he could always read her like a book.

George smiled knowingly, "I'll collect you around five. We're going to the pit, so you might wanna bring an overnight bag."

Nodding, Lydia looked up at the posters littering the walls. She didn't want George to see how much this meant to her. How much him willingly letting her into his life.

George didn't let his smile fall as she looked away from him. She needed to sort out her thoughts and so did he because tomorrow he hoped to answer yes to the question on the sheet.

Are you two together?


Okay, so tomorrow is gonna be a big day.

KateAnnee :)

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