The Truth Behind The Lies

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They were zombies; Eyes foggy, minds blank. A small smile crawled up Lila’s face. The members of Fairy Tail were now all completely crowded into the far corner.

“Kaden, now!” She burst out. He nodded quickly, holding his hands out. A magic circle formed, casting an ominous black light. A shield, or more accurately described as a cage, formed around the members. Lila sighed in relief when she could finally let go of her control.

The mages’ of Fairy Tail’s eyes cleared, losing their haziness. Their minds regained control, and Laxus glared at the force field with outrage. While some members were still struggling to regain focus, more powerful mages like Laxus, Jellal, Natsu, and Erza immediately understood what happened, and regained their control.

“What the hell?!” Natsu shouted, banging his fist against the black shield. His hand merely bounced back, useless and no damage had been done to the cage. Lila raised an eyebrow, looking at Kaden.

“He said ‘what the hell?’” Kaden clarified. Everyone glared at the two, Laxus curling his hands into fists. He had been right about them! Why hadn’t he trusted his gut?! He knew something awful would happen due to his carelessness.

After a small silence passed, Lila spoke. “Sorry things had to go this way...but, we’ll take good care of Lucy!”

Laxus’s aura darkened, and he charged at the cage, along with Natsu and Jellal. He shot lightning at it, but it merely dissolved into the endless expanse of black. Laxus’s eyes were narrowed in anger. How dare she! How dare she even think about hurting his Lucy? Of making poor Lucy’s life any harder?

“What the fuck are you talking about?!” Laxus snarled, his voice as deadly as a knife. Kaden smiled sadly, before covering it up with a razor smirk.

Jellal slammed into the force field, his magic utterly useless, as he was finding out. He kept punching at the impenetrable wall, even until his fists became scratched and bloody. He was intelligent; He could figure out where this was going. And it wouldn’t be good; Not for him, or for Lucy.

“You’ll all see! Lucy will never want to come back here...not after what we’re going to do!” Lila maniacally laughed. Laxus saw red. What was she planning? And why? Why did things always seem to go wrong for them? Was there never an end? Why couldn’t Lucy and himself just be happy?


Natsu growled, his flaming fists relentlessly attacking the wall. He was praying for even a smidge of damage, something, anything. He couldn’t give up! Lucy deserved that much. His flames were a dangerous fiery red, angry and upset.

“Leave Lucy-chan alone!” Juvia cried. Wendy was crying, upset and scared. Erza was scowling, a demon-aura emerging. She requipped into one of her armors, launching at the wall. Mira glared, joining Erza and the others. Juvia sent one water attack after another, and Gray continually attacked the barrier with ice creations.

The cage didn’t budge. Even with all of the strongest mages’ of Fairy Tail fighting together. Kaden grunted. Lila laughed. Everyone was scared; What would happen now?

“No use in trying. That cage Kaden made is indestructible. It blocks magic, is soundproof, and practically makes you invisible. But, you all can still see and hear everything! Now you can watch the show!”

The benevolent cackle that resounded from the little girl was ear-splitting. Laxus cried out loudly, crashing into the barrier with no thoughts behind his actions. He was being reckless, impatient, and irrational. He had to save Lucy...he just had to! She had saved him from the darkness, now he had to return the favor.

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