Ready the Ingredients - A very short prologue

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May 2014

The girl stood their stunned as the silhouette of the witch approaches her. The girl’s thought runs wildly because of the predicament she is about to encounter.

Newsflash: A student at St. Jude dies of mysterious illness. Rumour has it that she got involve with a witch.


“Good morning madam, I was told that you may be able to help me? But of course if you are busy I will come back on another day and…”

The young girl was about to turn her back and reach for the door

“Who are you calling madam?”

The silhouette becomes visible with the lights coming from the window: the person standing tall and looks at her with those calm brown eyes. The black turtle-necked over-all dress swayed even in that enclosed atelier gave off a feeling that she need not be alarmed. That person’s voice was soothing one that made her smile.

The girl did not know why, but the fear she thought a moment ago seemed like a distant memory, was this because the person in front of her was not what she thought or was it because the scene reminded her of a dream she once had, she did not know.

But one thing was certain; this person will be the catalyst to making her long dream come true.

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