Chapter 16

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Demyan Point of View

With no further thinking, I pushed her back against a wall and crushed her with my heavy body from the front. She looked surprised and confused trying to decipher what is going on but I did not give her enough time to analyze it. I pressed my lips on hers and stood still without moving them.

She want to practice kissing, then she will get enough practice today; enough to make her a pro.

But... But why the heck are her lips so plump and cushiony!

Damn, I shouldn't feel so horny. I should not! Still, I'm getting aroused with just touching her lips with mine.

Her hands which were on my chest quivered violently and gripped my shirt in a tight fist. I moved closer to her body, if possible, and pin her soft figure with my hard one. My hands trailed slowly upwards from her waist and her fists, pulling them from my shirt and circling them around my neck.

I had this sudden urge to look into her beautiful eyes.

"Open your eyes, Zinnia. Open your eyes and look into mine. Kissing with open eyes is more enjoyable." I whispered, breathing on her lips. Zinnia opened her eyes slowly and looked into my intense ones and shuddered involuntarily.

Her face looked confused. She must be thinking about the consequences of the kiss or she must be revising her notes about kiss, I don't know. Zinnia open her mouth to speak something but only air came out.

"I - I feel - unwell." She stuttered looking into my eyes intensely but the intensity of her eyes are not with lust. No it wasn't lust. It was something different that I couldn't understand.

"Unwell?" I whisper asked running my hands on her hips ever so slowly discovering every small fold. I know I was the one that decided to stay away from her and scare her away from me, despite that I just couldn't stop myself.

Was it because it's been almost two week that I got laid?

Am I craving for a girl in my bed?

'Yes. I'm craving a girl and not any other girl but this girl only, the girl in your arms who is unintentionally petting me with her stomach.' And here comes the downtown man putting forth his desire for his mate.

"I feel ticklish in my stomach. I – I think... I'm coming down with a gastric problem." She heaved. Though the understanding levels of her brain is low, her body understands its need.

She is getting aroused too. Her inner woman is getting stirred up and this girl... this innocent girl is not even aware of that.

What do I do with her? If she is like this, how can I not stay close to her? How can I not touch her?

"No, you are perfectly alright. You know why you are feeling that way?" I asked just a hair breath away from her lips. Zinnia looked down to my lips and wetted hers with her tongue. Her eyes were shaky and her breath came out in pants. She shook her head slightly to which I chuckled a little.

"It is because you enjoy this." Saying that I pressed my lips on hers again but this time I took a good advantage of tasting them.

With one hand I cupped her face and the other slowly getting inside her shirt. I nipped her lower lip and bite hard.

Heaven! She tastes like oranges, giving away the rich natural vitamin C.

Blast it, she is so soft. Her stomach, where my hand is currently situated, is so smooth and squishy that makes me want to grope it hard. She looks so slender but her waist is plump enough to give different imaginations to a man.

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