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It's 4:14 when Cade wakes up to a group men standing before him. Five glowing shadow figures, all around six feet tall.
Their faces all start to come into light. It's the crew. The crew that he has seen so many times in his dreams, now standing right in front of the bed in the hotel room.

"We've been waiting for you." One says.

"We can't cross over before we said goodbye." Another says, with a friendly smile.

"I am so sorry." Cade says quietly.

"We understand. We knew you needed time to come around."

"Its just been so hard." Cade chokes.

"You can't continue to live your life in guilt. We are all okay. Please, just come say goodbye." And with that, the apparitions disapear into thin air.

"No! Come back!" Cade says loudly, standing up.

At this point, Brooke starts to stir. She rolls over toward him. 

"What are you doing?" She asks.

"We have to go to Arlington. Now." He says calmly.

"What? Are you crazy? It's 4 o'clock in the morning!?"

"Brooke, please. You have to trust me." He begs.

Brooke can see the desperation in his eyes.

"Okay." She says, throwing her legs off the bed.

Cade turns on the light and then disapears into the bathroom.

Brooke puts on a sundress and blue jean jacket with white sandals. She throws her hair in a high pony tail. She has to say it doesn't look too bad for being hastily done at 4 in the morning.

Cade emerges at the same moment. Brooke's jaw drops down when she sees him.

He comes out, standing tall in a black suit, red trim, gold buttons, the jacket has tons of badges and metals hanging from it. His hair is combed back underneath a white topped hat, that matches the belt around his waist.

His shoulders are tucked back, chest out, head high.

"Lets go." He says in a voice she has never heard before. It's deep and strong.

Brooke follows him out the door.

It's flooring how even at 4:30 in the morning they're still able to summon a taxi no problem.

When the driver laughs when Cade tells them their destination.

"Arlington National Cemetery."

"Boy, visiting hours are 8-8."

Cade repeats himself sternly. The driver shrugs and probably having heard way stranger requests proceeds.

Cade is dead silent the whole way. Brooke is starting to wonder if maybe he really is crazy.

Once they arrive, the driver leads them to the gate, which is being guarded by three men dressed exactly like he is.

"Stay here." He says as he exits the car.

"Is that boy of yours off his rocker? They're never gon' let him in here." The sassy woman says from the drivers seat.

Brooke doesn't respond, she just watches. After a moment, one of the guards nods and the big gates open wide.

The woman's mouth falls open.

"What in the hell?" She says.

Brooke watches Cade come back to the car and sit back down beside her.

"Onward." He says.

The woman gives him a funny look but does as he commands.

"Visitors center?"  She asks.

"East." He says.

Both of them side eye him.

She drives til the end of the public road.

"This will do. Thank you." He says, giving her a $50 bill.

"Good luck, honey." She says, not sure who that was directed at.

They both get out. Cade takes her hand, pulling her up through the walkways.

They don't have to walk too far before Cade turns back toward her. His eyes close. His heart is racing.

"Tell me I can do this. Tell me its all going to be okay." He shudders.

She looks past him to what appears to be the A Team Memorial.

"You can do this. You owe it to them and to yourself." She says.

Cade nods his head and turns back around and proceeds toward the stones.

The sun has started to rise and it gives off an illumiating light, that errily reminds her of the sunset at the cemetery.

There are six stones.







Cade kneels before them, bowing his head. Brooke stands back. He is whispering something she can't hear. In the glimmer of the sun she can see tears falling off his face onto the grass.

He stands up, walking to each of the stones, placing a hand on the top and crossing his heart with the other. He does this to the first five stones, until he reaches the last. Then he holds his hand out to Brooke.

She steps to his side.

"I asked them to put this one here. It's not something they normally do. Even though I lived I was sure I wasn't going to survive." He says, hugging her under his arm.

Then he gets a strange look on his face. Laying on top of the white stone is an off-white envelope. Cade takes and his face goes white as a ghost.

It's the same letter he had left on his grandmas stone more than 2000 miles away. The same faded paper and beautifully written calligraphy.

As he pulls it out, a note falls out onto the ground. Cade leans down and picks it up.

Brooke is too scared to move closer to see it. Cade looks around at the empty cemetery. The sun is peeking through the trees, the leafs are rustling. Standing stiff as a board, he hands the note to Brooke.

'My dearest grandson, I know life has been hard. The time have taken a toll. The moments without us rest heavy on your soul. I know its been tough, but my words will ring true, 'Your new family will love you, just as much as we do' It's not a mommy and daddy or baby brother to hold, instead a beautiful girl to warm your heart from the cold. I must go now, for the angles are crying, and five men in uniform are beside me flying."

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