Chapter 1: New Start

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As many would say, cities are just like jungles. A simple wrong turn could end you up or in the wrong place at the wrong time. A silver grey, painted the bustling city, a kind of grey that was never emotionless, and manages to remain captivating.

Such a city, like Neuken was unlike any other. The people were close, even though they be miles apart. The air was quite clean and the sky was full of bright shining stars.

"Wow." A dainty little girl, said, looking at such jungle. Being from the forest side, one would expect the city to be smelly, polluted and clouded by dark grey clouds have depression. She had love in the beautiful forests all of her life. She hasn't has the best life as her mother died years ago, but her father took care of her, as well as her friends who consisted of forest life and wry smile of the strange man she saw through her window. Sadly, the odd men went away, but a tree of bizarre growth soon looked through her window and she name it, "Plrim."

She moved to the city a few days ago, and went to a lovely school that looked like a prison.

The city was horrible for her, a kind man offered to sell her watches beneath his trenchcoat, but she soon learned that there were no watches from a man who whore a trenchcoat yet had has bare legs out. She ran everytime she saw him. She dearly missed her Plrim. The city itself was repulsive to her. Smelly, yet clean. The people were hideous yet nice. But the city always remained a dull grey. Not even the most potent LSD could change that fact. The city was never a hideous black, a disgusting red or even a gorgeous white. Just grey in her eyes.

She wasn't wrong actually. But what shone in her eyes from bright above where the Stars. No city in the world shone like Neuken, and that's what made it beautiful. It reminded her of her beloved Plirm.

Skipping down an alleyway like a blind fool. She looked at it's rotten core with discontent. Filthy, and the rotting stench from the garbage reeked. The alleyway was menacing and was as dark as the core of your heart. The slightest sound made her shriek, right out of her skin.

A grown woman, had been too fast for her. Already blood started to drip down her arm, from the slice in her shoulder. "Nice clothes." The woman sliced the ever so smallest hair on her neck. "Cough it up, and maybe you can go unharmed."

Immediately as instructed, the girl start violently coughing because to her, her life was dependent on it. The woman slapped her across the cheek, a hard, and sharp sound echoed through the alleyway, catching the attention of a person.

The thug shook her head, this bizarre action making her giggle just a bit. "I mean give me your money. You look rich, so don't tell your parents haven't sent you with at least a dollar."

The girl shook her head. "Cash? Is that some sort of thing that comes out when you cough?"

"What a lie..." Robbing a clueless child was a stupid mistake. Well, she did look pretty cute. The thug grabbed her by the wrist gripping it tightly, as the child struggled and began to scream.

As if it were an angel, a voice was heard through the alleyway. It was bold, yet careless and tired. "Odd place to be grabbing children with their bare breasts exposed."

The thug gave a rancid and twisted smile. "Oh yeah? Don't fuck with me, asshole."

"Just leave her alone, asshole."

"No, asshole."

"I'm gonna beat your ass, asshole."

The stranger ran up to the thug, dodging her knife. "Oh, and stop calling me asshole, asshole."

The child watched the strange in awe, as he punches the thug in the breasts, and then kicks her in the shin, making her crumple over in pain. The stranger grabs her and then high-tails it out of there.

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