36 - Sandwiches, planes, inferior-footy-code video games and a not-so-sad girl.

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Ruben collected the ball from the throw in and kicked it towards his team's goal, before racing over to us on the boundary. "He is Ruben-Hi Madden-and Ruben used to kiss your aunt in your bedroom when you were just a baby," he said smirking at me before running back to the game. 

"Oh my god," I said, pulling my beanie over my eyes to try to escape from embarrassment.  

Jet literally fell off the fence he was laughing so hard, as were Morgan and Tanner's parents in their respective chairs. Some of the other team's spectators nearby heard this exchange, as no one was remotely quiet during this conversation, and were also laughing and clapping along with Jet, who was still cackling away seated on the muddy ground. He gave Madden a run for his money in the cackling department, that's for damn sure. 

"Ew. That is so gross," groaned Madden loudly, which just spurred their laughter on further. 

"What are you nutters all laughing at?" yelled Tanner from the ground, waiting for the centre bounce. 

"Ruben apparently used to kiss Sadie. In my bedroom!" Madden yelled out to him. 

"Oh my god. Please make it stop," I said, to no one in particular, because none of them could hear me anyway over their own fits of laughter, and Tanner just joined in with the rest of them, as did every other player on the field who just heard what he said. 

I pulled my beanie back up off my eyes just in time to see Tanner get tackled with the ball, effectively putting an ending to his bout of laughter at least. 

Madden looked back at me with a look of severe disgust on his face, but when he saw everyone else smiling and laughing, his frown softened and he laughed, too. Jet got back up on the fence, patting Madden on the back in support. "Kissing isn't that gross, little dude. You might even like it one day." 

Madden looked at me briefly with a strange, disbelieving expression before turning back to Jet and asking, "Really?" 

"Yeah," Jet chuckled. "Promise." 

Madden turned back to the pitch and resumed his studying of the game. He was clearly preoccupied, however, which was a serious thing because there was nothing more powerful in the world than footy at captivating his attention. 

Three-quarter time rolled around and he chased Jet into the final huddle. There was no stopping him this time. When they dispersed, Madden jumped into Tanner's arms, and said something into his ear. I was miles away and lacking superhuman hearing abilities, so couldn't hear what he said, but could see Tanner smile and nod at him. This male scheming business was getting way out of hand. Tanner dropped Madden onto Jet's back, who piggybacked him all the way back to us and had him giggling the whole way. 

Madden gave us all a rundown of the coaching direction for the final quarter, which included "tag hard, don't get lazy, leave it all out on the field, have a good time, but win at all costs." It had been a great game, and they were playing well, but it was still a really close contest, and could realistically still go either way. 

The boys on the fence seemed to now grasp the seriousness of the game being as it was the last quarter of the grand final, so focused a lot more on the actual football being played, and not the hilarious banter occurring at my expense. Everyone seemed to feel the tension, including me, so there wasn't much conversation occurring at all, except the odd dispute about a free kick, or lack thereof. The ball hadn't spent much time over our side of the ground, so we had barely seen Tanner or Ruben all quarter, not that I was purposely monitoring this or anything. 

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