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"So can we agree yesterday didn't happen?" I ask sitting down on a booth of the cafe, the conversations around us low enough to hear the low jazzy music playing overhead. Before receiving an answer, I take a bite out of my blueberry muffin like it's the last meal I'll have in my life, and probably make a very unattractive face while doing so as I sit back and bite back a moan at how good it tastes.

"I mean it did happen, but if there was a way I could erase it out of my memory that would be nice," Ethan replies, he's drinking tea, something aromatic like chamomile with lavender or the like, those that help you calm down your nerves. I would call him an old lady for that, but the boy knows how to rock the aesthetics with this moss green shirt and denim jacket, pair that with the glasses and he fits right in the atmosphere of a serene scholar. "Why are you glaring at me like that?"

Because I wish I had your goddamn fashion sense.

"You got a bit of glaze on your cheek," I lie, pointing at my own so he can get something that's not there. He takes a napkin and wipes it away and I nod, "You got it."

As he's taking another bite of his cinnamon roll, I drink some of my coffee. I stumbled home about one thirty AM last night, we had dropped Ethan first at his grandparent's house and as he was walking away Anna had snickered.

"Oh, right, how could I forget he lived here?"

"You should've warned me," I told her, not being able to hide the annoyance in my voice, with Ethan gone there was nothing stopping me back from being sour.

"I'm sorry Sol, I'm not allowed to disclose details." She'd turn back to me, smiling, although it didn't reach her eyes— whatever that means people are always using it in books, but I'm guessing you can tell when someone smiles at you and it just doesn't feel right.

"For breaking the law a lot, the club has a lot of restrictions." I crossed my arms then, slouching a bit back but noticing my street was coming up.

"They call it organized crime for a reason, every organization has their own set own rules," I raised an eyebrow at that, and as I opened up my door and patted Scott's shoulder, she added: "even the devil follows the rules of his contracts."


"¿Que fue?" I blurt out, still getting the chills from Anna's comment last night.


"Oh, sorry, I mean: what's up?"

Ethan scratches the side of his neck, moving back on his chair a bit. "Nothing, you just seem to be spacing out a lot today so I asked if you're okay."

"Oh, yeah I'm fine..." I shake a hand in front of my face, "I just haven't fully woken up, it happens to me all the time."

"— and that you look nice today."

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