Chapter 1: Plans Over Pizza

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Hi, I'm Annabelle, a freshman - well, technically a sophomore as my final exams finally got over! - at Sky High School in North Silvermoon and no, it's not the school from the movie - but it'd be cool though if it was!

This town got its name as Silvermoon because once every year, the moon would glow so bright in the shades of silver. I know it's strange but trust me it happens. And when it does, it's so majestic how the rays and the lights envelop the entire town that the town appears like a crystal ball just waiting for some magic to happen. Silvermoon also has a saying that any tasks done during this time, would always bring some happy news and any bond that forms is special and would stay forever.

If you ask me, well I cannot put a stamp on this saying as nothing that special had happened with me on that day to relate with it. It's just an ancient saying - a superstition maybe. Who knows?

Anyway, like I said, as my exams are over, so as to celebrate we are having a party at my house. I'm not an extrovert-party animal-person who always like to throw big parties, have a bunch or maybe whole school come over and things like that. I, on the other hand like small parties. Now, don't get me wrong, I do like to meet new people and have fun and all but I also like to celebrate with my family and a close group of friends. There is so much fakeness in people these days that I really like to stay as far as possible from all that plastic - let alone have them in my house.

So, today as a mark of a good start and completing a year of high school, Jason, Marissa, Kevin and I thought it'd be a good idea to celebrate.

Marissa and I are basically like two peas in a pod. Our family lives next to each other and coincidentally we both were born on the same day - 8th August. So, we are like TSBF (twin sister, best friend).

Jason and Kevin are brothers. Both love soccer - both center backs. Once, they needed help on their biology test, so they asked me and Marissa for help and that's how we became a group of four - Jason loves chemistry - adding different chemicals to different flasks to see what happens in the hope that someday maybe he would make his own discovery - and Kevin loves literature. He could always be seen carrying a book around. Marissa is good with computers and I am well, still finding out what I'm good at or love to do.

We all are so different from each other - habit and personality wise - yet we all are best friends. We fight a lot, have a clash of opinions, but at the end of the day, we cannot stay mad at each other. But as of now, here we are, at my house ordering pizzas and planning what we would do.

"Anything else?" Kevin asked cupping the phone's speaker from his one hand and turning to face us.

All three of us clucked our tongues.

"No, that would be all," Kevin said a final okay before hanging up. "The pizzas should be here in about 30 minutes or less. So, what did I miss?" He asked leaning in.

"Oh, nothing in particular," Marissa waved her hands and continued, "we were bouncing off the ideas. Maybe we should go somewhere? How about-"

She was interrupted by the ring from Jason's phone.

"Hello?" Jason picked it up.

We all looked at him as he paced back and forth, nodding his head while saying 'hmm-hmm', with a short I'm-sick-of-the-drama expression. Kevin, Marissa and I, we all are familiar with that look on Jason's face. It was the look he always gives whenever instead of congratulating him or being happy for him, people would always stick to the typical high school stereotype of jocks to which Jason would either smile or reply with "Why? Can't 'jocks' be good at something other than sports?" depending on his mood. But when he hung up, a stream of joy filled him.

"It was Mr. Phillips," Jason said with excitement,

Mr. Phillips was our chemistry teacher. Recently he had given Jason some assignment or case study to do. Maybe it was something related to that.

"Remember I was doing a project on chemicals that would affect our nervous system and numb us? Well, I got an A+ on the report!" He said showing his white shining teeth. "And, my project got selected for the chemistry council!"

"Oh My God, Jason," I began, "I'm so happy for you! You really deserve this. You've been working literally all nights for this." I said with a proud smile.

Kevin walked towards Jason and patted his back. "Look at you bro! Congrats!"

"Double celebration!" Marissa said out loud with one arm in the air. "I know you made it for a good cause in your heart but don't go numbing us with your chemicals."

The whole room was filled with laughter. A few moments later, the pizzas came and we began discussing how will we have a double celebration.

Remember how I said that literally, not a single day would go by without us arguing over little things? Well, this was one of them. As we took a slice of our pizza deciding which place to go to, we all couldn't agree on one place which led to nothing but chaos.

"Ugh" I rolled my eyes. "Guys, stop!" I had to stop them before my parents would come downstairs to see what was going on or someone from the neighborhood. "Let's settle this in a fun way. Ok?"

The three of them nodded.

"Here," I handed them pieces of paper and pens. "write down the place where you think we should go, fold it and place them in this bowl."

Everyone wrote and folded the paper and then Marissa mixed them up.

Kevin placed one hand over his eyes and randomly picked out a folded paper. We all waited in anticipation as Kevin opened it and then grinned.

" Pack your bags! We're going camping!"

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