2 ※ Plans and Decisions

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Chapter 2 Plans and Decisions

'Mikel! Why in all Hells have I been placed in this Team 33?' She shoved past the amused Silvius and Cora waiting outside the door, whose smirks made it all the more inviting to punch them in the face.

He slammed his book closed when she stalked into his office, dust blown from creased pages clouding the air. Eyebrows raised; his features were passive, waiting for her hostility to cease. Treated like a petulant child.

Elle thrust the thin stack of files at the man, letting him leaf through the pages before she opened her mouth – aggressively jabbing her finger with every word. 'This agency decided a year ago that agents would work solo in order to not unnecessarily endanger anyone else.'

'I know you're sensitive-'

'Sensitive?' Elle scoffed. 'I just have a shred of sense to know this idea will fail just as it did a year ago.'

'The idea has been evaluated and has been proven to work.' He waved her concern away.

'If it works why would you need me? I don't exactly socialise with the other agents,' she said through gritted teeth.

'Do you think I give a damned thing about you getting on nicely with the others?' Mikel leant over his desk; dark, oiled strands falling in front of his eyes.

'I'm sure you're aware of the status you hold with the Highers.' Heavy silence answered before Elle could. 'I have our contract right here. We both know you don't want the life waiting for you outside the Order.'

'I don't want to see that wretched thing,' she hissed, face flushing.

Mikel retracted his open hand and shook his head, tired wrinkles creasing. 'I know this is hard. I miss them too.'

False pretences of affection weren't hard to detect.

'I don't want pity,' she retorted, crossing her arms. 

'No, I suppose not.' Mikel leant back in his chair, whispering to himself. 'You aren't the little girl frightened of the dark anymore.'


Her growing agitation was obvious, standing with her lips pressed into a thin line. Her boss acted like she hadn't spoken, eyes flicking to hers.

'Sacrifices are required in this business. If you cannot be flexible within this bureau then there are a hundred other agents eager to take your precious place.'

Mikel went back to arranging the papers scattered on his desk. Elle's fists clenched and unclenched, as she bit her cheek hard to dissolve the bubbling anger.

'There's a team meeting at dawn tomorrow.' She opened her mouth to speak but was silenced. 'If you are not there it forces my hand; I'll tell the team that Elle couldn't swallow her nightmares. Discarded from the agency, you'll only be remembered as a pathetic coward.'

The folder lay at her feet. She didn't pick it up. White knuckles from clenching her fist too tight, her stiff form exuded an animosity like acid – face reddening and nostrils flaring.

Springing into action, a yell tore from her throat as she hurdled his desk, scattering his letters around the floor. There was no time for him to react before she had her arms wrapped around his neck, observing as the veins throbbed painfully and his eyes bulged.

'No-one calls me a coward,' she growled in his face, tilting his chair backwards.

She sensed the blow a heartbeat before Mikel's fist made contact.

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