The Impact Of Social Media

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The Impact of Social Media

The usage of the internet became more popular when different social media sites began popping out., It constantly produces different platforms which anyone can easily access . One click away—anything you want to obtain can simply be accessed with just a click of your cursor. Imagine having all that freedom? Ang saya diba? Now, that's the thing!

Social Media: Is It A Tool for Change Or Not?

​If you were to be asked that question, ano ang magiging kasagutan mo? Will you take a stand on the positive side or not? Social media is whatever you make it. Now, you can solely choose kung magiging mabuti ba o magiging masama ang impluwensya nito sa iyo. There are some people who thinks that it destroys human interaction and real life human relationships. May iba rin na ang tingin sa social media ay isang blessing in disguise—maybe because of being the fastest way to reach out to a friend when face to face interaction is not possible.

​Opinion is a powerful means of conveying your own viewpoint that you can share to tons of people. Was it purely your own opinion or were you influenced by this and that? Anyone in this world can now freely express their thoughts through posting in their accounts—whether it spreads awareness, encouragement or hate towards a specific topic. Because of the freedom, mas nagiging agresibo ang nakararami sa mga nagiging pahayag nila.

Dahil na rin sa milyon-milyong mga tao na gumagamit ng social media, mas marami rin ang mga audience mo—lalo na kung malaki ang following count mo. It's not anymore hard to persuade people to believe something, then others begin to follow.

Social media has a funny way of masking things so that people only see what we want them to see. If something goes viral (e.g leaked sex video, fake news, suicide attempts... etc.) nowadays, people tend to just share it to their accounts, make memes or whatnots, instead of actually reaching out to get help—report or something else that would take down the said posts. The downside of this is, there will be people who will either believe or contradict what they see in their newsfeeds given that it's only a one-sided opinion. Better to dig in and find out the real score of the post before giving another round of sentiments that will confuse the audience.

In this present time, comments and likes become the definition of your moral values, self-worth and who you think you are—because that's what you think people actually thought of you. That's the toxicity of the social media, it lures you to believe something that you're not.  Instill yourself that self-worth and happiness will never, and can never, be based on other people's opinions or expectations of you—not even the number of followers and friends that you have virtually.

Some disadvantages of SNS are becoming prone to Hacking, Cyberbullying, Addiction, Scams (Which is very rampant nowadays), and health issues. Do not let these get into you. Be mindful of everything you see online—it's better to be safe than sorry in the end. Part of growing up is taking responsibility for your actions and for any issues that are a direct result of your life decisions.

Get your facts right before clicking that share button!


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