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The Citadel was amazing. The gates were like live swords. Everything just looked magnificent.

"Whoa," Clary gasped.

Izzy agreed. "This is more amazing than I imagined. I can't believe I'm actually going inside." She added excitedly.

Suddenly, loud bells tolled all around and then out of nowhere several women appeared all around us with weapons pointed directly at us.

"Speak your names." An older woman stepped forward.

"Isabelle Lightwood."

"Amelia Branwell."

"Clary Fairchild."

"Valentine's daughter." The woman recognized. "Your father killed the Silent Brothers. He's taken our most valuable weapon. You must leave immediately." She ordered.

"Clary's done nothing wrong." Izzy defended.

Another older woman stepped forward. She was a lot more calm than the previous. "Allow me." She said. "What answers do you seek?"

"Why did Valentine go to all that trouble to steal the Soul-Sword?" Izzy asked.

The Iron Sisters looked uncomfortable, and I had a feeling it had something to do with the fact they were in Clary's presence.

"Yes, Valentine is my father, but that man killed my mother." Clary suddenly spoke. "He experimented on my brother. I want to stop him more than anyone. And if we have any chance at defeating him, we need your help."

• • •

"Sister Cleophas, how long have you been in the order?" Izzy asked.

Sister Cleophas smiled. "Fourteen beautiful years. I never planned on following in my mother's footsteps." She told us. "I was happy living in Idris with my sister Amatis, when my brother Lucian was scratched in a werewolf attack. I did what I had to do to restore our family's honor."

"Do you mean Luke?" Clary asked confusedly. "Are you Luke's sister?"

"I am." The Iron sister confirmed.

We were still outside. Sister Cleophas had brought us to where the purifying trials were held. It looked like a pool, but of course, this wasn't your regular chlorine infused pool.

"We'll begin the purity trial." She announced.

"What's that?"

"For the answers you seek, we must go inside the Citadel." Cleophas replied.

Now I remember. "My mom visited the Citadel once," I started, "she went through the same trial. The water is supposed to clear any demonic contact."

Sister Magdelena nodded. "You are right. We cannot allow any demonic impurities to pass. The adamas is too fragile."

"So, the heavenly energy in the water will help us determine if you may enter." Sister Cleophas said.

An Iron Sister made us change into white dresses. Clary went first. Immediately, the water glowed, turning into white.

Clary was pure of demonic contact. Which meant she wasn't demon-blooded.

Clary stood up with a smirk. She must've been thinking that it was nice to see that the Iron sisters were wrong about Valentine's daughter.

I was next, taking one step at a time. Finally, I stepped into the water. No joke, it was freezing.

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