Chapter 10

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Kassie's POV

The clock struck twelve o'clock, the slow ticking of time was agonising in its own way. It almost humiliated me. I found myself looking up to it almost every second of the day made me more and more depressed and hopeless.

It had been five weeks.

Five weeks in hell.

Five weeks of torture.

I scraped my hair into a messy high ponytail with the elastic band I had grabbed from the kitchen whilst being forced to make Harry dinner, he didn't give me any of course. Fuck him. I'm surprised at myself for not poisoning it, I didn't even spit in it.

What had my life come to?

I answered my own retorical question, because your a coward and a nobody.

I paced around the room and tried to unlock the door for the thousandth time that day but of course It didn't open, it never opened.

I was going to go insane in here.

I was so desperate for some closure of what my purpose was here, maybe Harry was just lazy? I highly doubted That, you don't go through all the effort of kidnapping someone just because your lazy, or do you?

My life was messed up, So bad.

I looked at the clock again, it hasn't even been a muinte. I could feel a tear trickle down my cheek.

I couldn't take another shower as Harry had closed off the water pipes to my bathroom, I couldn't sleep because if Harry came back and found me asleep then he would punish me.

I couldn't do anything. And I thought school was boring. I was so so wrong, this is a new level of tediosity. I didn't dare ask Harry for any form of entertainment, I had asked him for some school textbooks to keep me from dying with bordom, but he simply replied, 'why would you need to educate yourself when you have no future?' Those words sealed my fate, he was never going to let me out of here, the only way I was getting out was in a coffin.

Wow, Now that's unlocked a new level of depression.

I sat on the floor and stared at the white ceiling, there was something calming about white, in my eyes it was something pure, something resembling serenity. Something that represented the complete opposite of my situation.

I still felt an agonising sting every time I sat down, it was a painful reminder of who was in control in this situation. I grimaced at the thought of his face, smug with victory and power.

I scanned the room once more for a possible escape route.

It's funny how you can be beaten, bruised and abused into submission but part of you will always be searching for another way out.

My face lighted up as I noticed another small note neatly folded and tucked in the corner of the room.

How have I not noticed it before?

I was mightly confused but excited at the same time, was it from Amelia? Or Tilly?

I unfolded the note and squinted at the writing, I always struggled reading cursive.

It was from neither of them.

My face dropped in sheer disappointment when I noticed who it was actually from.

I had to read the signature at the bottom twice to force myself to belive that there was no hope.

You guessed it, it was from Harry.


I know what you did to get out that day. Let me remind you it will never happen again, Lots of love, Harry.

His words sickened me, I could almost imagine him writing the note and could see the pure enjoyment on his face knowing how defeated I would feel when seeing the note.

Unfortunately, I couldn't be sick, I had nothing in my stomach, but I couldn't think about food that much, it only made me feel hungrier.

The clock told me it was five past twelve. Only another six hours until Harry gets back. I thought sarcastically. I was just going to have to wait until then, there was no other option. I sighed, I knew this was my fate. I never belived in destiny, but I knew it was going to be spending the rest of my life here.

Six hours later.

As I was slumped on the floor alone with my thoughts, when I heard my prizon door unlock, I pathetically gazed up at Harry, I felt so animalistic doing this, I looked just like a dog staring at their master, but I guess that's what he wants.

He grabbed my arm and practically dragged me out of the room, I wimpered due to the fact that his nails were digging into my arms, but he didn't seam to care.

He threw me down the stairs, I tumbled and banged my head against the wall bellow, suddenly the world went dizzy, I prayed to go unconscious, but It didn't work, I rubbed my head and for a while .I just led there, whining In pain, my arms felt like they were going to be pulled put of their sockets, my head throbbed like mad and my legs felt paralyzed.

Unlike a normal person, Harry still didn't care. He just silently glided down the stairs and got on with whatever he needed to do.

After what seemed like years he stared at me and I could feel my breath getting lighter with worry and pain. I hugged my knees and he replied to my action by saying, "Get up you lazy whore." Unaffected by his demand I hugged my knees tighter, I knew I would be a complete mess if I tried to walk in my current condition.

"Get up" he repeated, I was shocked at his tone, Harry was the sort of person who would loose his temper quickly and easily, and I knew I was pushing my luck, so I reluctantly got up.

"Good girl." He cooed.

I couldn't take it anymore, I darted my head around the room and grabbed the nearest knife I could find, not knowing whether I was going to take my own life or his, I dropped the knife in confusion. I cursed under my breath knowing that I've just practically given myself a death sentence.

I hastily dropped to the floor and snatched the knife before jamming it into Harry's foot. He yelled and swore in pain and I fled, I didn't know where to, I just knew anywere but here.

I left the kitchen and raced to the front door, I could hear Harry's yelling from the kitchen, you could probally hear it from a mile away.

I tried to open the door, but I found that it was locked, I started to panic, knowing that if I messed this up then I was dead.

I could hear Harry shuffling from the kitchen to My position no doubtly leaving a thick trail of blood behind him.

I tried to kick the door down, it didn't budge, I ran into it but my efforts were in vain. I concluded that the door was the worst option, I had to smash a window, I grabbed a chair and it crashed against the window, but to my surprise, it didn't break, there wasn't even a crack. Reinforced glass, I concluded.

But I wasn't going to stop there though, I tried breaking every window in the lower half of the house, but they were all the same.

I slumped on the floor defeated, not even a second later my eyes met with Harry's and he smiled, even though he was evidently in pain.

"Kassie, Kassie, kassie" he muttered, "Consider yourself dead."

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