Chapter 6

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This is a small chapter so I might update soon...but in all I'm enjoying this book..and I hope u will too...💋

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Chapter six

I just remember'd ...

My marriage is in 13 days with Taylor!

All the guest were sleeping on the floor and so were my family,Taylor wasn't here...I ran back into my room..

I laid in my bed thinking about how to tell ray that I have to break up with him!

My phone rang-a text message.

🚹Soccer24 is ray..🚺peace is my username...

🚹soccer24➡️hey! R u awake?

🚺peace➡️yeah just getting to sleep..

🚹soccer24-➡️oh well imaa sleep soon love

🚺peace-➡️lol ok

🚹soccer24➡️you looked really beautiful and elegant tonight...well I'm gonna text tomorrow okey? i hope you don't mind..and could we meet again tomorrow but kinda earlier?

🚺peace➡️thank you...I'm not sure if I'll be able to come so early but I'll try..k? Good night.

🚹soccer24➡️okey good night love u😘

🚺peace➡️😗lov ya 2..

I closed my phone and went fast asleep.

The next day,the sun was shining into the window of my room..

I got up my bed and went down stairs..a lot of servants and guards were cleaning the floors and everything. Taylor wasn't here but his mom was..she looked at me "good mourning dear,today were going shopping for your wedding, jewelries!"she surprisingly says.

Oh great..

It's like a reality check from your dream every mourning!

"Good mourning to you too."I said.

I walked to the kitchen.

"Ma'am would you like me to fry something for you? Or shall we order?"a servant asked me.

Another guy came..

"Would you like some juice or water? How about some tea?"he asked.

"I'll just eat cereal."I told them.

They began making things.

I walked to dad..

"Hey father"I smiled.

"Hey my sweetie today you must be happy huh? Shopping? And the hotel and house people are coming With there confirming your going to the highest shopping place in town it's a day ride away.."he said.

"Wait dad! What do you mean day ride away?"I asked.

"Oh honey,it's a ritual your going to spend more time with Taylor's mother and he has to take you guys on a trip tomorrow and you guys are coming after two days on a today's the big day."father said.

"Father where did this pop up from? No one ever told me?"I asked.

I really had no idea.

"Taylor's mother brought up the topic about rituals and all don't worry when I was getting married to your mother this was a moment I got clouded to your mom! And you need to make sure you don't loose this chance to make Taylor's mom happy so she gives you a lot of money and names most of her things on to get packing your gonna leave in an hour!"dad gave me the sweetest smile he could possibly give.

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