Chapter 77

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Her eyes widened, and quickly pressed her hands against his chest, pushing him away. She looked terrified, her first experience of oral with him had left her traumatized, and she wasn't ready to let history repeat itself... it was must too soon.

He smirked at her reaction before rolling off her.

"Why don't you take a shower and get dressed? Let's spend the day in the city; I want to take you out."


The words rolled off his tongue, sounding more like a statement than an offer; as her desires would have no impact on the situation, whether she wanted to or not, she had to obey his orders.

If she were honest, the thought of going into the Royal City and seeing the legendary honey-pot of wealth and power enthralled her, but at the same time, it terrified her.

The mere thought of venturing the greatest city in human history with Zayn sent a shiver down her back—and it wasn't the good kind either. The idea rang alarm bells in her head, and she knew, disaster would strike, soon...

Something is coming.

Her heart pounded her chest during the entire car journey from the palace to the city.

Zayn's hands refused to stop their constant touching, caressing and groping, and his lips were constantly on her, kissing, sucking and gently nibbling at her tender flesh. He made her sit on his lap throughout the car ride, and Evelyn knew she must've resembled of a meek puppet, sitting upon her puppeteer's excited lap. She felt like a toy, an object as his hands touched her.

Her skirt wasn't short; it fell just above the knees. It never meant to be єrotic of αrousing. And yet, it was excruciatingly difficult to keep him from touching her, listening to her ragged breath and watch her moan with pleasure every time he hit the right spot.

She didn't know what he was doing to her, but whatever it was; she was terrified by it... The way he made her body feel was indescribable, it sent her whole body trembling and gasping. Her mouth dried and desperate for moisture... He made her uncontrollable.

She felt like a child who had gotten her first taste of an addictive yet delicious treat; an irresistible treat that would tempt her to the pits of hell.

He was the apple and she was Eve.

He was the pomegranate and she was Persephone...

Evelyn wondered she could escape from his poisonous embrace.

"I want you," she remembered he whisper as he made her cυm, yet again. She wondered how he had been able to refrain himself from taking her there and then in the car. She saw the immeasurable lust in his eyes, and it was an expression that would haunt her nightmares

She felt like all of the foreplay was for her, and he received no payment for his hard work... Isn't it funny how little Evelyn understood her sadistic lover.

Being over three millenniums old, Zayn was able to find pleasure in other things in life. Watching her body betray her mind, betraying herself—despite the fact she had to co-operate with him for the sake of Harry and Ethan anyway—was one inexpressible pleasure. The look of her torment within her ecstasy brought the notorious vampire King a bliss greater than the highest of highs... But he was also desperate to feel the soft flesh of her throat around him, cocooning him within her lusciousness, milking him to the edge of release.

But he made himself wait.

He wanted Evelyn's body awoken, and unconsciously desperate to be filled by a man like him. He was tempted to force her to endure all of the teasing and pleasing, but never actually give her the sweet release and let the nerve endings within her body explode with wonder... He wanted to make Evelyn suffer through the same sєxual thirst he suffered, but he just couldn't.

The temptation of making her scream was just too much.

When they arrived in the city, they first stopped on a long, stone paved street packed with exotic and unique shops. Each and every one of them were filled with goods too expensive not just for humans, but most vampires as well; goods that were meant for only the royals to consume... The first shop they visited was tall, white walled, decorated with large windows, and a rather normal looking one compared to the tent styled shop to its left and the one that had been designed to look like a fish tank to its right...

The first thing Evelyn remembered about the fancy shop with a name she hadn't bothered to make an attempt at pronouncing, was the cold rush of air that greeted her when she entered the shop.

The whole place had a contemporary black and white theme to it, and was decorated thoroughly. Whoever owned the shop obviously had no expense spared when it came to decorating...

It was within that shop, in one of the changing rooms did—with the help of two breathtakingly beautiful vampire assistants—Evelyn squeezed herself into a long, lightweight black gown that hugged her figure perfectly.

She gasped at the layered gown, long and puffy. Sumptuous material trailed behind her, occupying the large space.

"It's beautiful Mrs. Malik," said one of the girls as she helped puffing out a few pieces of the dress.

Countless of little crystals were threaded into the material of the dress; it was a recreation of the night light sky. The crystals were like flickering stars against the vast void of blackness.

Evelyn stared at herself in the mirror, and couldn't help but feel a sense of alienation towards the girl who stared back at her through the mirror...

Evelyn Blackburn had never been vain, but she had lived long enough within her body and seen her face enough times to have every inch of her appearance imprinted in her brain. And the beautiful girl with healthy, milky white skin in the mirror looked a world apart from the sickly and weathered girl the night before whilst she was getting ready...

The healthy and vibrant girl who stared back at her was completely glorious, and she looked even more beautiful than the Evelyn Zayn first met...

What happened to me? She wondered, her hand unconsciously reached out towards the mirror in the distance, but never reaching it... She looked like a completely new person, vigorous and almost glowing.

Evelyn was still in a shocked trance when her eyes drifted down to her chest area. She noticed the quickly fading bruises upon the top of her brєasts.

Zayn's rough hands had fondled her womanly parts the previous night, and she was all too clever not to realize how fast the—should have been—angry, red and purple bruises had yellowed around the edges. Her eyes quickly darted to the glass French doors of the changing room.

Even with the glass blurred, Evelyn could still feel his devious and unwavering eyes on her, watching her like a lion would to a fawn...

A chill slithered down her back and tiny goose bumps rose along her arms.

What had he done me...? No matter how good he is in bed, but this supernatural healing doesn't come with fυcking with a vampire... One of her hands caressed over the bruises on her chest. Harry, where are you? I need you.

A small part of her wanted to cry over the absence of her missing friend, but Evelyn knew if she did allow the tears to flow and become weak and undone at Zayn's feet, begging for Harry's release, then it would be the end for her, and the end of Harry as well.

Evelyn wanted to keep her emotional attachments a secret as she couldn't bare giving Zayn yet another person to dangle over her head and use as bait. Every time he blackmailed her or offered her one of his special deals, Evelyn wanted to run a stake through his heart. The feel of being powerless was not one which she enjoyed, and Evelyn Blackburn would die before she ever become an object of sexυal affection and lay herself bare to Zayn's domination...

A woman shouldn't be weak and helpless.

A woman's rights and powers should be just as much as a man's.

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