Chapter Forty-One: Hurting her was a crime he would never commit.

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Chapter Forty-One: Hurting her was a crime he would never commit.

Friday evening.

GEORGE'S heart was beating fast in his chest. His palms were sweaty and he felt lightheaded.


He hummed in response, not really caring what the girl had to say. Lydia's words kept replaying in his head.

Would you catch me if I was falling?

Mandy was becoming annoyed at him. He was constantly ignoring her and running after Lydia Jackson, who was a freak in her opinion.

She wanted him to love her as she loved him but stupid Lydia was in the way if her plans.

Lydia didn't go back to the cafeteria till the bell rang, signalling that lunch was over.

Always. I'll always catch you, she blushed as she remembered his answer.

The pair sat in the back of English class, Lydia telling George about the misunderstanding that Kayla had. The words she'd said that made Lydia upset.

George grew frustrated as Lydia told him the words her best friend had been saying about him. Why would she make this up? Did she purposely want to hurt Lydia's feelings? He asked himself these questions but couldn't figure out the answers.

"But I know you'd never do that to me. You wouldn't use anyone or hurt anyone on purpose. I guess for a few minutes my mind couldn't remember that you never hurt me."

George sighed in relief that she knew he'd never hurt her knowingly. He didn't know what would've happened if she believed Kayla's words. He didn't want to figure out either.


One direction better get back together soon! I miss them all so much :((

Anyway, this chapter was.....


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