Chapter 12: Atlas Confrontation and Memories

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Location: Vale Council

~3rd POV~

Few hours after Jaune's defense of Vale and exposing the Ex-Covenant of their existence, all of Vale and Atlas forces station there are on high alert of the introduction of Covenant's Arc. Many citizens consider the Ex-Covenant a threat while others consider them to be saviors, seeing that the Ex-Covenant group is responsible for keeping Vale from falling from the Grimm threat. After Team RWBY, PNR and CFVY told Ozpin and Glynda about Jaune being alive and his command of over the Covenant Forces, they were relieved that he's alive. Currently Ozpin is having a conference with the Vale council. And it's chaos, many of the councilmen debated and some even tried to reasoned with each other.

"They just came out of nowhere!"

"Are they threat!?"

"We must alert the other kingdoms of this discovery!"

"We must get our forces ready for battle!"

"SILENCE!" The lead council member yells out silencing the commotion. ", I know many of you are still shock about this turn of events, but we must remain calm."

"Calm? CALM?! How can we be calm?! That ship just appeared out of nowhere and disappears along with those unknown creatures without a trace! How can we be calm!" One of the council members exclaimed.

The lead council member sighs and nods towards Ozpin as he steps forward.

"I can assure you, but they have no ill intentions against us, they are more likely to be our allies than enemies..." Ozpin tried to reasoned, but the council were skeptical.

"How can you be sure about that? We saw what they are capable of, they have unknown tech and creatures that is unknown to us, not even our documents have anything about them."

"I am sure, because one of my students were there fighting alongside those creatures and some of them are Faunus and Humans..." Ozpin replied.

"...and who would that be?" One of council men asked.

They were still skeptical but what Ozpin said shocks them.

"Jaune Arc..." Ozpin replied.

Gasp could be heard throughout the council.

"Jaune Arc? Isn't that huntsman the you were looking for months?"


"But How is that Mr. Arc is alive?! More importantly why is he with those creatures?!"

"From what I've observe, he seems to be leading them..."

"Leading them? What are you talking about?"

Ozpin looked at each of the councilmen before speaking.

"When the Atlas reinforcements were arriving , we stopped our advance when we see the unknown force defending Vale. During the defense we saw Mr. Arc giving out orders to the unknown forces..." Ozpin said, as Ironwood spoke up as well.

"And that's not all... one of our students recorded Jaune giving out his speech to them too..." Ironwood added as he reach for his pockets and pulled out the student's scroll. ", watch."

Ironwood then connects it to the monitor as the holographic screen shows them recording of the defense of Vale, the scene then shows Jaune facing his troops with courage and determination in his eyes.

"I can still hear the corruption of the battlefield..." Jaune begins, "the bullets lay stiller than the dead bodies around me, we've lost a few, our families will weep for their losses... but, if we die with no cause? Or show to mercy to wicked..." Jaune said with determination as he wears his helmet with troops ready to fight than ever as they face the last horde with bravery.

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