Chapter Forty: Insecurities can make or break you.

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Chapter Forty: Insecurities can make or break you.

Friday at Lunch.

KAYLA sat down beside her best friend, Lydia Jackson. She was pissed at Lydia for not seeing George's true intentions.

According to yesterday night, she was the only one who saw that she was just another tick in his book. His book full of girls he played.

"Do you like George?" Lydia asked, hoping the answer was yes. She didn't want Kayla to dislike him, they were both important people to her.

Kayla raised an eyebrow at the girl sitting across from her, "to be honest, I don't. I don't like George Scott because he is using you. Lydia, your just a pawn in the sick game he is playing."

Lydia blinked back the tears threatening to spill from her eyes. Her best-friend was stating that her insecurities were true.

Nodding, Lydia left the cafeteria, wanting to be alone for a little while. She needed to sort out the thoughts running through her head.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

George saw her leaving the cafeteria, that didn't alarm him but the tears rolling down the sides of her face did. Maybe this is her period hormones, he thought as he waited for her to answer his question.

But, she wasn't looking at him. Lydia was staring at her shoes, the roof, the walls, anywhere but him. She was afraid if she looked at him she'd convince herself that everything was okay and Kayla wasn't right.

"Lydia, what's wrong?" George asked, his voice gentle.

Lydia racked her brain to remember any time that George had hurt her or made her upset. She couldn't think of anything.

George has always brought happiness into her life since the time they first met. But there was one thing still on her mind. One question that could make everything okay again.

"George, would you catch me if I was falling?"


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