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Pen Your Pride

Forgetting Her Beauty

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You know how people say, "It's love at first sight"? Well I guess it's different for everyone. This beautiful girl, is sweet, funny, and could make anyone laugh. She was young, but smart. Not book smart, but street smart. Knew her way around. 5th grade came around, her brother was a few years ahead of her but she didn't mind. She could get as many friends as she wanted. But one of her brother's good friend she had seen once seen when they were hanging out... She started to fall in love. They had a lot of things in common. She told herself, "We're just friends". But soon after they started hanging out, she fell deeper and deeper and even lost her beautiful personality because of him... Soon after she fell for him, all of her time went to texting, calling, and hanging out, but the guy didn't feel the same way. He used her to help himself. Everyone knew it too, even her brother.. But when people tried to confront them about it, he got mad and she felt sad. No one wanted to hurt them, but the truth had to come out. But they left it alone, hoping she would see what has happening. 2 to 3 years went by. No one said anything and no one cared. Even her brother didn't care about her. He only cared for his new girlfriend. He forgot about his little sister. He shouldn't have hurt her. He became obsessed just like her. I guess it runs in the family( Supposed to be funny ha ha). He started to forget about his friends, school , and even family. He just didn't care anymore. All he saw in life was his girl... As there family started to fall apart so did the parents marriage.... Few weeks later divorce papers were filed and the only thing left was who gets the kids. So the mother decided to take them for a while too see what it would be like to live together. Weeks went by and still nothing changed she still felt unwanted alone and hurt, At times it got so bad she cut herself and locked herself in the bathroom to hide Her brother didn't care enough to go help her himself so he sent other people to go check on her... The girl soon moved back with her father it was a choice she made herself but her mother didn't want her to because she would lose the money she was getting for housing both of them she didn't care about the girl because she made the choice to go live with her father so that means she wont get the money she wants... After a few weeks with her father she began not to care as much for her brother because it only brought her pain but she still loved him no matter what she just didn't care for his actions. Her mother tried to take her back but the girl didnt want to the mother got mad and told her " I dont love you anymore everything i have will go to your brother"... She told herself again and again it doesnt matter telling herself that lie each time she thought about it made it worst knowing shes lying to herself she felt like a dumb ass >.< 

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