Joni and Rebecca had spent all of high school and college as best friends. Each set of parents was like a second to each girl. They both had always thought that it was pretty cool that they got two sets of parents.

"We just love you both so much," they heard Gordon, Rebecca's father, say from behind them.

"Daddy!" They both shouted as they stopped hugging Roslyn and ran towards the man, nearly knocking him over. 

"Girls, easy. I'm not as young as I use to be," he chuckled. They both unwrapped their arms to see that the man had unshed tears as he smiled at them both.

"Don't cry, Daddy," Rebecca said, wiping his eyes as they began to fall.

"What am I, chopped liver?" Came a voice from beside them. Everyone looked to see an older man dressed in a very nice, obviously expensive suit. Beside him, his wife was dressed just as nicely.

Richard and Sherri Banks, Joni's parents, were older than Rebecca's parents. Like Joni, they never showed that it mattered to them though. They were very happy when Joni and Rebecca met. They encouraged them to spend as much time as possible together. They had even helped pay Rebecca's college tuition so that they could both attend the same school.

"Mom, Papa," the girls said in unison, hugging them both before the group all began to cry again.

"Let's go eat before we flood the area with these tears," Joni said. "You people cry more than anyone I have ever met," she sighed as she walked past them. Everyone laughed, knowing that she was more dramatic than most people and cried all the time, as they followed her to the cars.

 Everyone laughed, knowing that she was more dramatic than most people and cried all the time, as they followed her to the cars

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"I would like to make a toast," Richard said, clinking his glass and standing. Everyone turned towards him, giving him their attention. "My beautiful daughters, Joni and Bex. I think I speak for everyone when I say we are all so very, very proud of you. We watched both of you girls go through high school and now through college and you have done it all together. We know that you have your whole lives ahead of you now and it's time for us to let you fly a little freer." Looking around the girls saw the other three parents agree with his words.

"Joni, you are getting married and we couldn't be happier," he continued, looking Joni in the eye before turning to look at Rebecca. "Bex, you already have an amazing job starting out and we are so happy for you. We have a gift for you," he reached into his pocket and pulled out a box. He started to hand it to her before pulling it back to his chest, "your mother expressed how worried she was about you moving to the city and being on your own. Truth be told we are a little worried about Joni, even if she has Isaac," he looked at his wife, then Joni, who had crossed her arms in a huff and was now pouting. Causing everyone to laugh. "We want you to be able to focus on your goals and not worry about things for a while, so we got you this," he finished finally handing Rebecca the box.

She opened the box to find a set of keys inside. She frowned in confusion before looking at Joni, who biting her lip, trying to hold back the huge smile on her face. Rebecca squinted her eyes at her best friend, knowing something was up. "We are going to be neighbors!" She finally shouted, unable to keep it in anymore. She threw herself at Rebecca while squealing louder than Rebecca had heard her when Isaac asked her to marry her.

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