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Chapter 19

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Ms. Styles left soon after. We were all in the kitchen, washing the dishes (some of us anyway…), when she came out of her room and announced she was leaving for her shift at Captain Lou's. Our town's only decent restaurant. Did I mention the population of our pitiful town is only 997? How's that for small and pathetic.

Harry followed her outside, shutting the door behind him. I glanced up and watched them from the kitchen window also noting that the boys were doing the same. Harry hugged his mother and after conversing with her for a few minutes, their words becoming heated, came back inside quickly, his face completely expressionless.

Ms. Styles must've said something. But I don't know what could've gotten him so upset.

“Maybe we should go,” Liam announces.

Harry nods slowly.

“It was nice meeting you Jessie, you’re a really cool girl,” Liam says giving me a hug.

Next was Zayn. “Hope to see you again soon Jessie,” he says while waving. I guess he’s a little more reserved.

And after him was Niall. “It’s nice having someone who can eat as much as me. Well, almost,” he laughs.

 And after him was Louis. “BYE JESSIE!!” He yells pulling me into a bone crunching hug. It hurt a little but it made me smile. This boy can easily become my best friend. Along with the rest of them, which is saying something cause I’m not one to trust easily.  

The boys all say goodbye to Harry as they leave, but not before Louis gives him a big kiss on the cheek. What the hell is up with these boys? I’m starting to rethink this friendship…

Harry leans against the door, running a hand through his hair. I finish drying the last dish and walk over to him. I look up at him and notice that he's at least a whole head taller than me. His eyes land on me, remembering that I am still here, and his arms pull me into an embrace. His strong arms hold me against him, and suddenly there's nowhere else I'd rather be than here, pressed up against Harry and his comforting warmth.

The phone rings, causing us both to jump and spring apart. Harry moves to answer it and I slip away.

I return to Harry's room to grab my clothes. I really should go. I can't go back home yet, my father still thinks I'll be with Nick, for one more night. I'll go to Lily's, or somewhere else. But I have to get out of here, before I do something I might regret later. This thing with Harry is just happening way too fast.

I'm grabbing my clothes and changing into them when the bedroom door opens. I fall to the ground, tripping over my own feet in my rush to cover myself.

"Jess?" I hear Harry say, "What are you doing on the floor?"

He comes around to the side of the bed looking at me on the floor, and his face instantly turns red once he takes in my appearance. Me topless and wearing my jeans. Nice right? I freeze, staring up at him with his widened green eyes, and he turns away a moment later.

"I'm sorry," he mutters, clearly embarrassed, "I didn't know you were, er, um, changing..."

" It’s okay," I reply quickly, grabbing my shirt and putting it on.

I stand up and pick up my coat, then fold the sloppy t-shirt and pants, laying them on Harry's bed.

"I need to go," I say, not wanting to look at his face.


I really don't want to explain to him my confusion about what to do with everything stirring up inside of me. I just need to leave, get out of here, before something happens with him.

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