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Sex scenes in this chapter:

Tuesday morning:

It's 6:00am. Their flight doesn't leave until 10, but Aniston is an hour away and Lord knows how long it'll take to get through security.

Cade had stayed at Brooke's house that night and had all of his stuff piled by her door already. He is oddly quiet this morning, not sure he is ready for the emotional turmoil that is about to persue.

"Brooke." He yells from the bathroom.

"What?" Brooke pokes her head in.

Cade is standing pantsless, only the white diaper between his legs.

"For trips you know, usually I would wear this, just beacause you never know when you're gonna be able to find a bathroom and-"

She kisses his babbling lips.

"Do what you feel comfortable with."

Cade kisses her on the cheek, pushing her out the door.

He comes out dressed in a matching Under Armour sweat suit. It's baggy and you can't tell anything is different in his pants. He looks satisfied with his choice.

They pile into Cade's truck and start chasing the sun rise. Cade still stays quiet pretty much the whole trip. Until they are nearly at the airport.

"I have to gooo." He says bouncing at a red light.

He grabs his crotch and grits his teeth.

Brooke would be lying if she said she hadn't seen him shove a whole 24 pack of the diapers into his suitcase. So she doesn't worry too much. Cade having to pee is pretty much an every 15 minute thing.

She is sure he has an accident by the time they actually arrive at the airport, because the bouncing stops.

She doesn't acknowledge it. That doesn't stop Cade from running off into the bathroom the second they're checked in though. He takes his carry on with him, confirming what she already knew.

So she waits beginning to scroll through Facebook. Mostly meaningless posts, photos, and memes. Out of curiosity she searches Cade's name in the search bar. No accounts come up, but dozens of articles, photo's.

One in particular catches her eye. It's of six grave plots, all identical in size, color, and stature. The names familiarly read 'Bentley, Smith, Ryker, Rodakowski, Fletcher' and on the far right there is another stone,

1994 -

Brooke shivers. I guess it makes sense to have them burried next to eachother, she hadnt really thought about it though. Hadn't thought they had made the stone, or the plot. She isn't sure Cade knows.

She puts her phone away before Cade returns, lump in her throat.

Cade returns and sits next to her at their gate. She tries to make small talk. She is grateful when it fades into static silence. Cade seems to have a lot on his mind already and he doesn't need this on top of it.

So they wait wordlessly until thier section gets called to board the plane. They find thier seats, lucky the seats are only double wide. Brooke gives Cade the isle seat. The flight attendant comes by, checking seatbelts and the normal flying stuff.

Once everyone is settled the plane starts to trolley down the runway. Cade closes his eyes.

"Everything okay?" Brooke asks, having pretty much come accustom to checking up on him.

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