Introduction Part 1

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Lena's POV...

Leinnah Kristjian. That was me. 

I am the oldest of four daughters that our parents, Daffyd and Siobann had. We didn't have any brothers. Just friends who happened to be boys that we got to rough house with a lot of the time much to our mothers disgust. She was hoping that we would be the girls and ladies that she hoped we would be growing up. But it didn't work out that way.

We did have a few girlfriends as well. But they were very girly girly. Not that we minded. They did teach us a few things that were easier to listen to and even do rather than listening to our mother who made them laws with the way she went off on us all at times.

We were too outwards for all that ladylike, dress stuff. Or the way we walked. Or the way we held our carriage, or body as we walked with our head tolted just right. It was exhausting. While she wanted us to know all about the ladylike persuits that girls and ladies should do. Like sewing, cooking and cleaning, we were more like minded of being the outdoor type and would be outside doing anything and everything the others would be doing from fishing, fighting, flying but not f****** like the boys seemed to be doing once they got to be teenagers.

They looked like idiots when they did that stuff like preening peacocks trying to lure the attention of a lady chick. Not that they had to try too hard. There were plenty of chicks for the taking. Believe me. The girls in town were practically throwing themesleves at these particular boys, the Stewart boys and their friends. But we weren't like those girls.

Us girls could fish, fight, shoot, and we could fix a motor, break a horse in, muster cattle and sheep and even camels when necessary. We could start a fire from nothing and cook on a wood fire. We can camp out under the stars with or without a tent. We could even build our own buildings since Daddy showed us how to. There was not much we girls couldn't do.  We even planned to build our own houses when the time came for us to grow up, get married and have our own home.

From riding to driving, to racing horses or racing cars, we knew how to live.

Our Daddy taught us well.

But it all changed when I was in my early twenties. It happened not too long before Ro's grandmother died. Ro's family were quite well do do. They weren't quite as wealthy like we were. But wealth didn't matter. Family mattered. That was what our Daddy taught us which he learned from his Daddy.

Ro and I were an item at the time. I thought to settle down with him and build a future with him. I had thought he felt the same. It was a few weeks before his grandmother got sick when things began to fall apart.

It started when I found out that Carleen's mother was having an affair with Ro's father. I didn't think anyone else knew about it and to be honest, I really didn't want to be the one to tell Ro about it. Ro and I had been really close lately.

It was not him who put the pressure on to be intimate with each other. I knew that Ro was the one for me and I decided to make matters into my own hands and do something about it. So, it was all on me to be close like we were. I talked him into going swimming with me. Of course, we didn't have any swimming costumes with us.

And, despite Ro resisting  a little bit, I talked him into swimming down in our little swimming hole late one afternoon when we were on our own, like I planned.

We went skinny dipping and one thing led to another and before Ro knew it, we were doing the dirty. As the girls call it, that is. We liked it that much after that first uncomfortable and messy time that we did it again... and again. In fact, we did it whenever we could manage it without anyone being the wiser.

But when I found out about Carleens mother and Ro's dad, I know I should have said something. But I didn't. I also should have taken more notice of Carleen as well who also knew of it. But I also didn't want Ro to think I was also lying about it either. But that was somehting he should remember about me. If I say I have seen something or heard something, then I did. I don't make anything like that up. 

Especially if his family is involved.

Living in such a community like ours, if your parents did something that was frowned upon, it was also the children who suffered by being ostracized and excluded from everything. And Carleen did love being a part of the higher uppers in the community. And, when she found out that I knew what was happening with her mother, she was all aflutter, as Mother called it, and panicked.

" Please don't tell anyone. It will all blow over soon and no one will know anything Please, Lena. Please?" She begged me over the next few days.

But my conscious was beginning to bug me and I knew that I would have to step up and tell Ro at least what was happening in his parents life. I just hope he didn't kill the messenger, which was me.

But Carleen must have said or did something and before I knew it, Ro was actually gunning for me instead.There was not anything I could say or do to defend myself and have Ro believe me and what I was trying to tell him. I had no idea what it was that was told to him but the look he gave me made me want to throw right up. I won't even go on to mention the name calling. It was viscious and demeaning. It was downright cruel.

What was even more cruel was the way he then treated me after his gran died a few weeks later. I was completely lost wondering what it was he was so mad at me over. Nothing of what he said made sense to em at all.

It was even becoming so wide spread that even the townfolk were beginning to notice. No one knew what to think. But this one day when I was down at the cafe we usually all meet up at, he turned up and before I knew it, he started on at me again.

" I have no ide a what the hell is wrong with you, Riordan. For the past few weeks, you have done nothing but go off on at me for whatever reason..." I began to yell at him. There were quite a few customers there at the time and all were avidly listening to everything I was saying.

" Maybe if you were not screwing around with my father, you would know." He suddenly yelled in my face which caused everyone, including me to become silent. I stood there blinking my eyes in shock at what he said. Then I became pissed off.

" I think you have me confused with Carleens mother. She's the one who is screwing your father. Why don't you toddle off and go home and ask him. Go one, ask him." I snapped right back at him. He stepped back in shock at what I said to him. But I have somethign else I have for him.

" By the way, Ro..." I said which brought his attention back to me as he still looked shocked.

I don't know where the hell you got the idea of me going around screwing your father. But you are more than enough for me to screw. By the way, this is for you making my life miserable for the past few weeks." I said to him very calmly befoe I let him have it.

A moment later, Ro was laying on the floor trying to get up onto an elbow after i fisted my hand and let him have it. It will be a right hook he won't forget in a hurry, I'm sure.

He looked up at me with dazed eyes and watched as I turned and walked away from him after giving him one last look of disgust.

" Carleens mother, Ro. Carleens mother." I reminded him and not quietly either. I said it loud enough for everyone to hear it.

Then I walked out the door not seeing him again for a week.

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